This is my “rockiness” trick — works whenever I want

Couple in love happy celebrate anniversary.

It works for me — and it works for men who have had troubles getting “rocky” for years


Matt Cook here, and the other night was my wife and I’s anniversary.

And I’m thinking to myself — how do I make this really, really special?

So I make an appointment for her to get a massage.

And while she’s gone, I spread rose petals around the hotel room and light candles and put on the music she likes…

And when she walks in, she’s so surprised at my romantic gesture that she wants to get busy in bed right away.

And of course, I’m more than willing.

And she can see that for herself because I’m already sporting a pretty impressive “rocky one.”

And you know what my secret is to automatically getting “rocky” whenever I want?

It’s these 3 little solo activities I discovered.

I practice them when I’m alone, just for a few minutes, and they make a BIG difference in how “rocky” I get. And how long I stay rocky.

So thanks to the 3 solo activities, I’m able to last 45 minutes with my wife on our anniversary.

And I stay super rigid and engorged the entire time, I have complete control over when I finish.

We do it on the bed. In the bath. At the little desk the give you with the rolly chair.

And I feel so much more pleasure now the whole time we’re doing it.

That’s another benefit of the 3 solo activities.

Here’s how the 3 solo activities work and how you can use them to have the best sex of your life.


–Matt Cook