5 foods that boost manly magnesium

More magnesium = better health and better rockiness as a man

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and magnesium gets overlooked a lot…

…yet it is one of the most important minerals us guys can have in our bodies.

Scientists studying men with higher levels of magnesium have found it correlates with:

  • 50% reduction in cancer deaths
  • 40% decrease in all cause mortality
  • 24% less risk of pancreatic cancer

And men with higher magnesium levels also experience:

  • More energy and stamina
  • Less bone fractures
  • Better sleep
  • Bigger, stronger muscles without working out
  • Less heart problems
  • Normal blood pressure

And did you know magnesium also increases penile blood flow?

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It relaxes the blood vessel walls, widening the arteries so more blood can flow through.

That’s why rockiness often improves when men get more magnesium.

But I don’t recommend men get magnesium from a supplement — instead it’s better to get magnesium from real food…

So now the question is: which foods should a man eat for more magnesium?

I’ve done my research and found 5 foods that are high in magnesium…

…including 1 food that provides nearly 75% of the magnesium a man needs all on its own.

And to make it even easier for you, I’ve combined all 5 of these foods into 1 delicious shake.

Here’s the shake that provides men with more magnesium and other important minerals for better health and better rockiness


–Matt Cook