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This is doctor approved. After all, I’m still a man too…


Dr. Ari Magill MD is a board-certified physician who believes in helping men help themselves by living naturally healthy, happy, and sexy lives. He is a paid sponsor of our newsletter.


Hi, my name is Dr. Ari Magill, board-certified physician, and I’m on a mission to keep men’s prostates healthy naturally.

My physician colleagues call me a maverick, but I don’t mind.

You see, I’m different from almost all other physicians who only see patients.

I see patients and I also conduct research and I’m constantly on the lookout for new, natural prostate solutions.

And while most doctors are giving out pills and doing surgery, I avoid these if at all possible by using natural methods to maintain prostate health.

My goal is to maintain prostate health naturally, so pills and surgery are not needed.

Because every day in my line of work, I see men who are forced into making a big mistake with their prostate.

They are funneled into the medical rathole, where they have doctor’s appointment after doctor’s appointment…

And they are given one medication after another.

And eventually, they find themselves under the knife…or the laser…or the TURP procedure…or the radioactive seed…

Now don’t get me wrong: I’m a physician and I believe in the powers of Western medicine.

But I also believe strongly in natural methods that prevent the NEED for Western medicine.

My goal is to maintain prostate health first and do it naturally.

So those extreme procedures and pills are never needed.

And a man can urinate easily, sleep through the night, and maintain good male performance.

I wish my doctor colleagues agreed with me. But they do not.

All they have been taught in medical school is how to cut a prostate or prescribe pills.

Remember, my goal is always to maintain prostate health naturally.

And that’s why I stand apart from my fellow physicians.

And that’s why I’ve developed a massive breakthrough in prostate health…

I needed it for myself.

I wanted to find a natural way to keep my prostate healthy and fully-functioning, so I could avoid making a mistake I may end up regretting for the rest of my life.

And I’m going to share this breakthrough with you in just a moment.

But first…

Here are the 5 prostate mistakes I want to avoid and why…

Prostate Mistake #1: Why I want to avoid getting a TURP procedure before trying other options

Getting a TURP procedure is serious — it isn’t the simple “procedure” they often claim.

Every man should discuss and consider other options.

I’ve heard horror stories from men who have had the TURP procedure and now suffer in ways they never imagined.

One man says, “I had this butchery 3 years ago and have been living in a state of depression ever since.”1

And another man says he can’t get it up as much now after getting the TURP procedure, and nobody warned him that this could happen.2

So you can be sure I don’t want to do what these men did.

I’m going to consider ALL other options before ever resorting to this risky TURP procedure, which comes with so many side effects.

And speaking of side effects…

Prostate Mistake #2: Why I want to avoid taking pills for prostate relief without first understanding the side effects

As a medical doctor, I know how common it is for doctors to prescribe men pills for prostate problems.

Pills seem like such an EASY answer.

But I think it’s important for men to understand all of the possible side effects for each and every prostate pill BEFORE taking one.

You see, some of these pills work by preventing the male body from making healthy levels of DHT and they lower testosterone levels too.3

In one study of 71 men, these pills lowered libido in 94% of the men and 92% developed “rockiness” problems, 92% developed decreased arousal, and 69% developed problems with orgasm.

Most alarming is that these problems persisted AFTER they stopped taking the pill.

So wouldn’t you like to know that before taking a pill for prostate problems?

Sometimes, even after men stop taking the pills, the side effects stay.

One man says his penis is now like a “limp noodle” and he’s only in his 20’s!

You can Google “finasteride ED” and you’ll see stories from so many men who are trying their best, but can’t seem to recover their male function after taking the pills.

And I want to avoid this same fate, so I don’t end up regretting it for the rest of my life…

Prostate Mistake #3: Why I want to avoid sexual side effects such as impotence that often follow prostate treatment

Prostate removal often causes serious sexual side effects — impotence that can last 5 years or more.4

If getting your prostate removed seems like a huge step, you’d be correct.

There are many horrific effects of having your prostate removed. I’m going to think long and hard before I let anyone take it from me.

For instance, here is a man who is only 62, and look how he’s suffered… and his prostate wasn’t even cancerous:

“Hi, how are you doing? My question is: If you don’t have a prostate anymore, will anything work for me?

I had it taken out eight years ago…

The prostate was healthy and was removed for health reasons.

I went from a solid 7 inches to (if I am lucky) maybe four to five inches.

Is there anything I can do to get back my sex life….I am going to be 62 soon….

I look forward to your reply. Keep up the excellent work. Hopefully you can help me. If not, I am screwed for the rest of my life.

Thanks, Mike”

I’ve heard many men complain of impotence, sometimes for months or even years after removing their prostate.

In one of many studies, up to 75% of men experienced prolonged impotence, often for years.5

And these poor men had no idea this could happen… their doctors didn’t warn them…

Thankfully, there are some steps men can take if they do have to have their prostate removed.

And it will help restore sexual function in some cases.

Prostate Mistake #4: Why I DO NOT want to ignore the symptoms of prostate problems

Some of the most common symptoms of prostate problems are related to urinating.

Having trouble peeing, not emptying your bladder fully, having the urge to urinate over and over.

Any sort of trouble urinating should ring big alarm bells in men’s heads that something is not right down there.

Often times, prostate cancer develops from men ignoring these sorts of troublesome problems.

But I know that doing nothing can be the worst mistake I will ever make for my prostate.

Other symptoms of a prostate problem include inflammation, chronic pain and stiffness in the lower back, painful ejaculation, and difficulty getting stiff “down there.”

So anytime I start experiencing any of these symptoms, I don’t ignore them.

I will not fall victim to prostate ignorance syndrome.

I don’t want to make that potentially fatal mistake.

Prostate Mistake #5: Why I want to avoid taking supplements that are toxic to my testosterone

Even though I am a medical man, I try to avoid doctors if I can by trying natural solutions to maintaining health, including a healthy prostate.

The solution I’ve found to be safest and most beneficial is using intelligent, natural prostate supplements.

But you’d be surprised at how many of these supplements contain ingredients that are actually toxic to men’s testosterone.

These ingredients lower men’s testosterone levels while raising stress hormones like estrogen and cortisol.

So I always watch out for ingredients like Beta Sitosterol, which is a phyto-estrogen.

This means it lowers testosterone while raising estrogen.

And that’s not good for men like me who want to keep a healthy prostate and a healthy sex life.

Then there’s Lycopene — which in small amounts if fine, even healthy… but in large amounts, toxic to men’s testosterone.

Lycopene has also been linked to cases of diabetes.

And Saw Palmetto is also a toxic ingredient for men’s testosterone. It’s another phyto-estrogen.

High estrogen not only causes prostate problems and sexual dysfunction, it can also cause belly fat, loss of muscle, even man boobs.

And finally, I always beware of supplements containing excipients because they are very harmful to men.

Excipients are extra powders and chemicals that the manufacturer puts in — to make the supplement powder look whiter, cleaner, and make it flow freely on the machinery at the factory.

Titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide are two examples.

But these excipients cause harm by being absorbed through the gut wall, where they can clog up your blood vessels and even enter and damage your body’s cells.

And unfortunately, almost all supplements contain these harmful excipients.

But the good news is, you’ve found this page for a reason…

Maybe you’re here because you have to get up 2 or 3 times a night to go to the bathroom…

That awful urge of always having to urinate, no matter how many times you go…

Pee problems wreck a man’s confidence and starts costing him his manhood.

And it’s terribly embarrassing for a man in this situation.

He finds himself, standing at the urinal, unzipped, and waiting…

… while other men around come and go, unzipping, peeing, zipping up and leaving…

And he’s still standing there, with his member hanging out, waiting for the urine to come, hoping it will come…

…but it won’t…

So he zips up and leaves, and as soon as he leaves the restroom, just as he knew would happen…

…he has to go AGAIN…

And the cycle continues endlessly… embarrassing and humiliating a man who is just trying to enjoy his life. And it’s not a man’s fault.

And the worst part is…

Prostate problems can cause huge problems in the bedroom…

I can speak from personal experience as well as from the experiences of my patients.

It’s so awful when us guys go soft in the middle of intercourse, finish prematurely, or fail to get it up at all.

We can lose feeling and sensitivity in our member. And do you know what happens when you have less sensitivity?

What if you aren’t waking up with morning wood, ever?

What if you aren’t getting “rocky” when you and your wife are together?

Very bad news. Because the longer a man goes without getting “rocky,” the more difficult it becomes for him.6

It’s a use-it-or-lose-it situation.

Suddenly you find yourself not having sex at all anymore, and your wife is sitting there wondering what’s going on…

Luckily, I’ve made that revolutionary breakthrough in prostate health I promised I’d reveal to you…

It’s a powerful, natural supplement called Urgent Prostate Assist.

And it does not contain ANY toxic ingredients or harmful excipients.

You might have thought as I did that none of the supplements contain bad stuff, right?

But now we know that many prostate supplements contain very bad stuff.

That’s why my Urgent Prostate Assist contains only the purest, safest ingredients for men and none of the really bad ingredients that I hope you aren’t taking now.

I hand-picked these ingredients myself after years of research along with the help of Ideal Male Labs.

One of these ingredients is scutellaria baicalensis — a natural herb extract from the Chinese skullcap plant.

Scutellaria baicalensis contains chemicals that have been found to protect the cells against cancer growth in mice.7

It also contains compounds that have been found to help with shrinking an inflamed prostate.8

And it has been shown to help prevent an inflamed prostate from becoming cancerous.9

Now even though this is research that has been conducted on mice and rats, the Chinese have been using scutellaria baicalensis for over 2,000 years.

Ancient Chinese emperors were obsessed with long life.

Qin Shihuang, who holds the title of China’s first emperor, reportedly proclaimed that his dynasty would last “10,000 generations.”10

And throughout his rule, Qin Shihuang was constantly searching for eternal life.

He sent an expedition to the Eastern Sea to search for an elixir of immortality, and when that was unsuccessful, he brought magicians into his court.11

But he didn’t realize that the elixir of life may have been right under his nose all along, because scutellaria baicalensis naturally grows in China and Russia.

Scutellaria baicalensis is easily available and has tremendous health benefits, but the emperor was searching far and wide, instead of looking right under his nose.

He never did find the elixir of life.

As it turns out, Emperor Qin Shihuang dies from being poisoned by a fake elixir of life that his doctors give him.12

Maybe they should have given the emperor scutellaria baicalensis instead…

And in fact, years later, scutellaria baicalensis begins appearing again. Now it’s included in traditional Chinese medicine that’s still being used today.13

Herbal professor Baowan Lin who teaches at the University of Miami Medical School says that scutellaria baicalensis is powerful stuff.

It’s made up by “strong antioxidants, and anti-inflammatory and anticoagulation agents that decrease blood cholesterol”14 and improve blood flow.

Writings dating from the second century AD list scutellaria as a component of several herbal formulas used by Chinese doctors.

And scutellaria baicalensis has no known toxic dosage and has a safe record of use by Chinese doctors for thousands of years.

Now here’s another striking thing about scutellaria baicalensis…

In study after study, when they add scutellaria to prostate cancer cells in a test tube, the cancer cells commit suicide… so no more cancer…15

Plus, in an animal study, tumors shrunk in half in just 7 weeks.16

The researchers feel that scutellaria “may be a novel anticancer agent for the treatment of prostate cancer.”

And as an added bonus, scutellaria has been shown to also support the growth of brain cells.17

Another incredibly potent and natural ingredient I discovered is a special type of selenium called selenomethionine.

Selenium is an essential mineral for the immune system and overall health.

You can measure your levels of selenium simply by clipping a bit of your toenail and sending it into a lab.

In one study, they measured selenium levels in men’s toenails and found that men with higher levels of selenium are less likely to have prostate problems.18

Selenium is highly protective and desirable, but I found a particular type of selenium that I believe has even more benefits to the prostate — selenomethionine.

Researchers gave 1,000 men selenomethionine and another 1,000 men NO selenomethionine.

And in the years after, the men given the selenomethionine only had 1/3 of the prostate cancers as the other group of men.19

That’s a huge reduction in the chances of getting prostate cancer, all from just a small amount of selenomethionine.

Selenomethionine enters the cells in the prostate and stops the prostate from producing cancerous substances called polyamines.20

I’m not saying it’s going to stop cancer, but having this on your side may lower the chances of having prostate problems that result as we age.

And in a rabbit study, male rabbits given selenomethionine have better sperm quality than rabbits that don’t get selenomethionine.21

So selenomethionine is a great ingredient for men looking to protect their prostate and maintain a great sex life well into old age.

I also discovered a very common, yet rarely used mushroom called agaricus bisporus with impressive benefits for men…

This mushroom was discovered around 1650 by a melon grower who decided to cultivate this new exotic delicacy by introducing it in exclusive Parisian restaurants.

Then in 2015, the City of Hope researchers treated 36 prostate cancer patients with this mushroom powder to assess their PSA levels’ responsiveness to different doses of the powder, and whether the men experienced any ill effects.

PSA refers to the prostate-specific antigen levels in a man’s bloodstream, a protein that’s produced by both cancerous and noncancerous cells.

The lower the PSA level, the better.

So after months of daily use of agaricus bisporus, 36% of the patients in the study experienced some reduction in PSA.

Two patients experienced a remarkable complete response, meaning their PSA levels dropped to undetectable levels.22

And this isn’t the only study showing positive results from this mushroom powder…

In a recent mouse study, the powder was shown to have dramatic results in getting cancer cells and runaway prostate growth to pull back and reduce in size.

The improvement is so dramatic, the scientists concluded that this “may aid in the prevention of prostate cancer in men.”

And something else you should know about this dramatic and useful mushroom powder…

Remember the stress hormones, estrogen and cortisol, that mess with a man’s prostate and manhood?

In most cases of prostate inflammation and prostate cancer, you will notice a lot of estrogen in the prostate. Even higher estrogen in an inflamed prostate.23

And that’s because the good testosterone is being converted into the bad estrogen.

You see this in most prostate inflammations, this nasty level of high estrogen.

So if we can slow down the conversion of helpful testosterone into nasty estrogen, we can have a healthier prostate. And that’s how it worked in a recent rabbit study.24

And yes, it turns out that prostate inflammation is associated with too much conversion of testosterone into estrogen.25

So, excessive estrogen conversion is really part and parcel of prostate cancer.26

This mysterious mushroom powder may be a great solution to this problem because it lowers the conversion of testosterone into estrogen.

In test tube studies, mushrooms lowered estrogen levels in cancer cells and stopped their growth.27

Not only that, this mysterious mushroom powder just keeps on giving!

*It also lowers cholesterol levels and high liver enzymes, and it even lowers blood sugar in rats.28

So it’s clear that agaricus bisporus can be a real winner for men looking to protect their prostates naturally.

And last but not least, I came across a particular type of vitamin E that shows very promising effects…

Vitamin E is a great way to fight harmful free radicals.

Free radicals are runaway chemicals created in cells that can wreak havoc in the body.

So we use vitamin E as a way to get rid of harmful free radicals.29

But a particular type of vitamin E does a lot more than fight these harmful free radicals…

This different type of vitamin E helps to fight the additional inflammatory chemicals called cyclooxygenase enzymes30 that lead to prostate inflammation.

So this different type of vitamin E lowers the inflammation and it also removes more harmful free radicals than any other kind of ordinary vitamin E.31

And this different type of vitamin E fights these harmful free radicals right where it counts — in the cells such as macrophages that are common in prostate inflammation.32

So now you can see why this special type of vitamin E is much better for men than cheap vitamin E.

Cheap vitamin E doesn’t get rid of all the free radicals the way this different vitamin E does.

And you can only get this different type of vitamin E from crushing tons and tons of flaxseeds and extracting just a few drops of oil.

Then you’re left with this excellent, exceptional form of vitamin E called Ravetol 30P.

Sure you can get cheaply made vitamin E by making it from petroleum oil. But that doesn’t penetrate the cells and kill all the free radicals the way Ravetol 30P does.

And in case you’re wondering, there is absolutely no wheat or flaxseed in this special type of vitamin E I discovered.

And unlike almost all other “natural” vitamin Es, this one isn’t made from soy either.

And there are no harmful PUFA fats, no vegetable oils in this vitamin E, except maybe small trace levels.

It’s truly the best source of natural mixed vitamin E out there.33

So with the help of Ideal Male Labs, I combined all 4 of these powerful ingredients into an all-natural male supplement for prostate health, called Urgent Prostate Assist.

Urgent Prostate Assist is a simple, natural solution for men who want to protect their prostates and sex lives into very old age.

The ingredients in Urgent Prostate Assist work together to help lower harmful stress hormones and help improve oxygen-rich, penile blood flow.

Selenomethionine, mixed vitamin E tocopherols called Ravetol 30P, Scutellaria Baicalensis also known as Chinese skullcap, and the mushroom agaricus bisporus.

I think you’ll agree that this is a powerful mixture.

When I take Urgent Prostate Assist, I feel confident that I’m avoiding the same mistake my father made…

I sleep soundly through the night and I feel well rested in the morning.

And almost every single day when I wake up, I’m sporting healthy morning wood…

…which is a sign that it’s working because that means you’re getting excellent penile blood flow.

I have no “pee and still need to pee” problems and most importantly, I’m not infected with prostate ignorance syndrome.

I’m taking care of my prostate every day and proactively keeping it healthy, so I can enjoy a rich sex life for decades longer.

And you can too.

So the way I see it now, you have two options…

Number 1: You can continue on with exactly what you’re doing now…

You can grit your teeth and endure the frustration of yet another trip to the bathroom…

…struggling through that weak urine flow…

…and hope you don’t disappoint your wife with less than stellar performance in the bedroom…

Or, there’s another option too…

Number 2: You can help support your healthy prostate… with Urgent Prostate Assist.

It’s as simple as that.

Honestly, you’re going to be amazed…

Once your prostate receives the 4 nutrients it needs, you’ll revel in the joy of what life is bringing to you now…

…you’re having the confidence in bed, and the happiness and relief that you feel now that you’re doing all you can for a healthy and happy prostate and a healthy and happy life.

Because you have gotten this far,
I know you are very serious about supporting your healthy prostate…


I’m serious about it too.

This is why I want to make you an extraordinary proposition…

Imagine a few months from now, whenever you have the need “to go”, you will have full nights of sleep without waking up every 2 hours to pee…

…and you will fully empty your bladder every time you go to the bathroom.

Also, when you enter a room full of young people…

…you will feel in your heart a total and complete confidence that you have the sexual stamina and performance that other men lack.

I want you to feel better than other guys, so that you can look your wife in the eye and you know and she knows she will have the time of her life when she goes to bed with you.

And this will happen night after night, month after month, year after year for the rest of your life.

That’s what I’m after.

Here’s what men have been saying about my Ideal Male Labs products, including Urgent Prostate Assist

Don says: “I got 2 solid nights of sleep, plus my wife and I had sex two times in one day.”

And another man says Urgent Prostate Assist has changed his life:

Then there’s Mike H. who says my product started working with him by day 3:

That’s the power of Urgent Prostate Assist.

And once you try it out for yourself, I’d love for you to write me a testimony, a case study…

…so that we can accurately inform other men who are thinking of trying out Urgent Prostate Assist.

I’m truly after your personal success with Urgent Prostate Assist

Remember, Urgent Prostate Assist has the combination of ingredients that can help support a healthy bathroom AND bedroom life for men.

The ingredients in Urgent Prostate Assist are very, very expensive. And the way we produce it is very costly as well.

But what we are doing is challenging the financial wisdom of our accountant.

He has put pencil to paper and has said that we need to charge $129 for a 30-day supply which even then is an absolute bargain.

If all Urgent Prostate Assist does is help support a fully functioning, healthy prostate and better sex life, wouldn’t you agree it will be completely worth $129?

However, I understand that a man who has had some problems down there may not be in a position where he feels confident…

That’s why we have a 24/7 phone support center, so if you have any questions or concerns, you can call us.

And we will help you be successful with Urgent Prostate Assist.

If you want to stop receiving Urgent Prostate Assist, you can simply call us and we will never ship you another bottle.

And if you get something you don’t want, simply call us and we will let you return it, no questions asked and give you a complete, courteous refund.

And I’m also including something that I’ve never done before…

You’re going to get phone and email support, so you can’t go wrong…

…and you’re also getting FREE shipping anywhere in the U.S.

So even if you do decide Urgent Prostate Assist is not for you (though I don’t think you will), you pay for nothing.

You can get your full-money back on the bottles you bought and never pay a dime in shipping.

But I feel very strongly about Urgent Prostate Assist and its benefits for men who want to keep a healthy, sexy, fully-functioning prostate into their 90s and beyond…

I think if you try this out, you will be very happy and thrilled that you did.

If Urgent Prostate Assist helps you with your prostate and prevents you from making one of these 5 awful prostate mistakes, isn’t it worth it?

Because let me ask you something…

What’s it worth to you to sleep peacefully through the night, every night, without having to get up 3 or 4 times to use the bathroom?

What’s it worth to you to never have to worry about making one of these common and risky prostate mistakes that leave men impotent and depressed?

And what’s it worth to you to keep having a robust, active sex life no matter your age?

If you ask me, it’s priceless.

So now, go ahead and hit the button and add Urgent Prostate Assist to your shopping cart — it’s a trial and it’s completely risk-free. You only have your prostate health to gain…

Remember that in this day and age, it’s important that this transaction between you and me is confidential.

So everything that we do is confidential.

And your financial information is fully encrypted with the same military grade encryption used by

It’s what I would use if you were my father. It’s that important to me.

And when your Urgent Prostate Assist arrives, what a great day!

It will be in a plain small box that is very discreet.

The credit card statement will have our toll free number on it in case you want to call us or reorder.

We were only able to make 3,000 bottles because of the expense and they are going very fast.

Last time we had a product like this, it sold out and men were disappointed for months afterwards.

It takes a good 10 weeks to get this made, and it’s constantly sold out…so I don’t want you to miss out and have a bad prostate month after month just because we’re sold out.

Go ahead and hit the little button below and try out Urgent Prostate Assist for yourself.

Try Urgent Prostate Assist risk-free now.

Yours for better health and sex,

–Dr. Ari Magill, MD
Board Certified Physician



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