This washes away blood fat from the penile chambers

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Leads to much better rockiness for men


Hey, Matt Cook here, and has your doctor warned you about blood fat?

Probably he has not — but I can tell you that blood fat is one of the biggest threats to men’s rockiness.

Blood fat irritates the linings of the blood vessels in the male member…

This makes the blood vessels get inflamed and swollen, and blood flow starts to suffer…

And the next thing you know, men are getting poor or no rockiness and have no idea why.

Picture it like a straw that gets filled with hot wax.

When the wax hardens, the straw is all blocked up right?

And it’s going to be near impossible to get any liquid into that straw.

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Well that’s what is happening to the male member when it gets blocked up by blood fat.

Fortunately, there’s a solution — a way to wash the penile chambers clean from blood fat

I call it Fat Block and it clears away blood fat for better rockiness.


–Matt Cook



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