Why I never ask for a paper receipt

Young caucasian man wearing medical mask throwing waste bag to the container at the city

The CDC suggests that 95% of us have detectable levels of this chemical in our bodies…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and there’s one toxic chemical that is hurting our health and manly function more than anything else…

And this one toxic chemical is everywhere.

It’s in all kinds of paper products like magazines, receipts, newspapers, movie tickets, boarding passes, even food labels…

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It’s in tons of plastic items such as water bottles, canned foods, and those snap-together boxes we all use for storing leftovers.

This one toxic chemical is even hiding in our car interiors, and it’s in our shower curtains and in our placemats at our dinner tables.

Worse, it’s in our hygiene products.

Our soaps and conditioners and deodorants all contain this one toxic chemical.

And get this — these plastic throwaway masks and face-shields we’re all wearing these days?

Well they’re loaded with this one toxic chemical.

And every time we use hand sanitizer, we activate this toxic chemical and make it even easier for it to seep into our skin and into our bloodstream…

And this is where it begins to really do damage to our bodies…

This toxic chemical is known as what’s called an endocrine disruptor…

Which means it messes with our hormone levels, particularly our testosterone and our estrogen levels.

And for men, this is disastrous to health and to our sexual function.

There are literally hundreds of medical studies proving how toxic this one chemical is for us as men — you can see some of them here.

This toxic chemical leads to our muscles wasting away into fat.

It leads to small load sizes and higher rates of testicular cancer.

It leads to prostate inflammation and rockiness problems.

And it can even lead to depression, memory loss, and Alzheimer’s disease.

Yet nobody is warning us about this toxic chemical…

Nobody is telling us that it’s poisoning us every day.

In fact, I’ve just discovered that this toxic chemical is also in the majority of toilet paper brands on the market!

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So every time we rub our butts, we are rubbing this toxic chemical into our orifices.

It’s almost like we’re giving ourselves a toxic chemical enema!

And it’s because we don’t know any better.

Most companies have been trying to cover this up for decades.

They know that this chemical is toxic and they use it in their products anyway.

So what are we to do?

How do we protect ourselves from this toxic endocrine disrupting chemical?

Here is what I’m doing — it’s the simplest, cheapest way I’ve found to protect my body from this toxic chemical and you can use it too


–Matt Cook



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