Sounding the alarm

Young couple in grocery store.

Read this before you use the bathroom again


Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve just discovered a toxic chemical hiding in 80% of all toilet paper brands…

And when this toxic chemical gets rubbed on our skin, it transfers directly into our bloodstream and into our bodies…

Where it goes on to cause depression, kidney disease, prostate problems, rockiness problems…

…joint pain, hair loss, low energy, low stamina, and low drive…

…even cancer and Alzheimer’s disease…

And if you don’t believe me, I have all the proof right here: watch this short video.

Or if you prefer to read, here’s everything I’ve found — including which toilet papers to avoid and which ones are safe

I’m trying to sound the alarm to as many men as possible, as quickly as possible.

And I’m sharing a really cheap solution to this problem that I myself am using.

This will allow you to protect yourself from this one deadly toxin without having to bring your own toilet paper with you wherever you go…


–Matt Cook



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