This is like the Heimlich maneuver for your member — delivers more oxygen

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More oxygen = more blood flow


Hey, it’s Matt Cook, and on this day 46 years ago, a life-saving technique was introduced…

And it was introduced by a surgeon named Henry Heimlich, who unveiled his new discovery in a popular medical journal on June 1, 1974:

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Yes, we’re talking about the Heimlich maneuver!

A maneuver that has since saved millions of lives and continues to save lives to this very day.

Just ask someone what they should do if they see someone choking — and they automatically say “the Heimlich maneuver” without even thinking about it.

But ask a man what he should do if his penis is choking… and he comes up blank!

And that’s because men don’t even know their penises are literally choking for air

They have no idea that their members are not getting enough oxygen

And nobody has told them that there is a simple technique they can do right now to oxygenate their penis.

See, oxygenating the penis is like breathing new life into the male member…

It bathes all the cells in new, healthy blood flow, embiggening the male member, engorging it and making it swell up…

And that makes it easy to get rocky whenever you want.

It’s like reversing the clock and going back 20 to 30 years, to when you were getting spontaneously stiff rockiness that always lasts 30 minutes or more

And I’ve come up with a simple method of oxygenating the penis that starts working immediately — it’s like the Heimlich maneuver for the male member!

Try it today and see how quickly it starts giving you bigger, better boners…

And let me know what you think! I’d love to hear from you.


–Matt Cook