Why are so many doctors getting diabetes?

Diabetes concept. Diabetic man checking blood sugar level at car.

1 million and counting


Matt Cook here, and if diabetes treatments work so well, why are more and more doctors becoming diabetic?

Fact: diabetes is skyrocketing amongst the entire population, ESPECIALLY amongst physicians.


Maybe it’s because today’s diabetes treatments actually CAUSE diabetes to get worse and worse.

For instance, Metformin is a wildly popular med for the treatment of type 2 diabetes.

And studies like this one have found that Metformin makes men deficient in vitamin B12:

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And here’s the thing — when men get deficient in vitamin B12, they often lose testosterone, suffer mood shifts, even depression…

And I do not know ANY diabetic men taking these treatments who are potent in the bedroom…

Fortunately, my dad revealed this diabetes secret that changed everything — and has resulted in countless men gaining tremendous potency and stamina in the bedroom again


–Matt Cook

P.S. If you are taking metformin, don’t ever go off it without working with your doctor. I’m not a doctor. I can’t give you medical advice. I’m just here to make sure you have solid info based on research.