These 3 moronic medical treatments are killing men

Stressed man waking up scared/worried or not able to get to sleep

Here are the 3 — are you a victim?


Matt Cook here, and it’s hard not to get fired up every day about the harm being done to men by certain dangerous treatments…

And the only thing that helps make it better is to share what I know.

So here’s 3 terrible, awful, moronic medical treatments I avoid…

Moronic Medical Treatment #1: using poison to lower cholesterol

My doctor sees cholesterol as harmful.

He says men with high cholesterol are at high risk of heart disease.

The solution is to lower cholesterol with a poison.

He couldn’t be more wrong.

Hormones like testosterone, DHT, and progesterone, all very important helpful hormones, all come from cholesterol.

Every cell in the body can produce cholesterol.

Cholesterol is a fundamentally important molecule to every cell in the human body.

And yet, doctors prescribe this poison which destroys our ability to create cholesterol, and destroys our body’s ability to make important sex hormones.

This poison causes type 2 diabetes, and rockiness problems in men.

If you can’t get it up, and you are taking this poison, maybe that’s one of the reasons you can’t get it up.

This poison causes muscle issues and dementia and so many more side effects I can’t begin to list them all.

And it’s all based on a completely faulty model, a model that claims that high cholesterol causes heart disease.

High cholesterol has nothing whatsoever to do with heart disease and in fact is protective for somebody who has it.

So here’s what I’m doing to avoid this poison and keep great cholesterol levels — maybe it will work for you too

Moronic Medical Treatment #2: treating diabetes as a blood sugar issue

Diabetes is not a blood sugar issue.

It’s a fat issue.

The diabetic body burns fat, not sugar. And burning fat is metabolically inferior to burning sugar.

Not only that, but the diabetic body engages in a very inefficient, low and slow metabolism that causes a lot of the buildup of lactic acid in the bloodstream…

…and that leads to worse and worse metabolism…

…destruction of the beta cells in the pancreas…creating insulin dependence (which can often be reversed)…

…low testosterone…

…and eventually loss of circulation.

If you treat diabetes as a metabolic problem, with a few supplements and a few simple dietary changes, you can actually get rid of blood sugar symptoms in almost all cases.

But doctors are using an incorrect model of type 2 diabetes, a model focusing on blood sugar which is merely a symptom of the problem.

I talk about visiting house fires, and seeing firefighters surrounding the building, cutting holes in the roof and hosing water into the fire.

A stupid person would conclude that the firefighters cause fires because every time that stupid person goes by a house fire, he sees firefighters.

So firefighters must cause fires.

Blood sugar is like firefighters. It’s simply helping the body deal with its metabolic problem as best I can.

We have to fix the problem, not fix the blood sugar.

And you do that by kickstarting the body into burning sugar again, like this…

Moronic Medical Treatment #3: treating low testosterone by injecting men with huge amounts of testosterone

This is becoming a very profitable 3 billion dollar a year industry.

I would never ever treat my own testosterone problems that way, if I had low testosterone, which I do not.

The problem for most men is a similar problem to the type 2 diabetes problem, and the cholesterol problem.

The same metabolic problem that causes high cholesterol, and causes type 2 diabetes in some men, and that causes low testosterone in other men…

…this same problem causes low testosterone AND HIGH ESTROGEN.

If we can lower the estrogen, we can actually often fix the testosterone problem and we don’t even need to take extra T.

And if we do need testosterone, we need just tiny tiny amounts, not the huge amounts that doctors are constantly prescribing.

Those huge T supplements cause enormous problems in the body, ranging from elevating hematocrit…to high estrogen…

Which is why I use Booster Bites to naturally boost my T at home, cheaply and safely — and you can too


–Matt Cook