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Did this come from you?


Matt Cook here, and what if you have some procedure and that makes you impotent?

That’s what happened with this man:

 “Matt, about 10 years ago I had chemotherapy to treat cancer. The chemo left me weak and since then, I have struggled to get and keep a [woodie]. My urologist gave me pills and now an elastic band. Ever tried having sex wearing surgical tubing? I need help!”

Well unfortunately, what happens when you get cancer treatment, or any serious surgery or medical procedure, is your body shuts down what it regards as “reproduction.”

That means that it is doing what doctors do in the ER– they call it triage.

The body works trying to repair and maintain the organs and processes that are most important to keep alive…

…and the body shuts down reproduction — the body regards our sex functions as  unnecessary when it’s fighting powerful chemo or surgery effects.

I get so angry that doctors don’t tell male patients to expect this after surgery or chemo, but doctors do not.

And they don’t tell male patients to expect it because they, the doctors, don’t know how to deal with it so they simply don’t discuss it.

They just leave patients to discover for themselves that they can no longer get rocky following the chemotherapy or the surgery.

The way that the body works, if you are young and healthy, is that you can come back from this.

Your body has a high enough metabolism to be able to absorb the insult from the chemotherapy or the surgery, and bounce back.

If the chemotherapy is harsh enough, or if the surgery is injurious enough, and if your metabolism isn’t already high…

…you will not easily bounce back from this.

The penile tissue fills with scar tissue over time if it is not getting constant blood supplies from frequent nighttime and daytime rockiness.

So that lack of rockiness combined with low male androgens, low testosterone and low DHT and low DHEA-S, you have high stress hormones and low male hormones.

This is a recipe for male disaster.

It is my mission in life to help men have an amazing sex life. I think that this is not trivial but is the core of being a man.

I think that a solution instead of wearing a ring around your penis during intercourse is to use these 3 simple supplements

Because these 3 simple supplements are safe, inexpensive, and highly effective at enhancing rockiness, libido, lasting power, and more.

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–Matt Cook