Simple activity increases blood flow by up to 300%

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This may be all it takes to restore those raging towel-hangers


Hey, it’s Matt, and what burns me up so much is that modern medical care claims to have answers to everything.

And it’s always giving you something to take, or some procedure.

But listen, I can’t tell you the countless number of physicians that have come to me for their own problems, telling me “Matt, I can’t get rocky, what do I do?”

For the woman, responsibilities in the bedroom are not as difficult as they are for the guy.

She spreads her legs, kisses and loves you and that’s it. Hopefully she lubricates (this isn’t always easy for the ladies of course.)

For us guys, we actually have to get rocky and be able to stick it and that isn’t always so easy.

As we get older, it is normal now for men to lose the rockiness to some degree — a little at a time, leaking out, year after year.

For some men, it’s quite sudden — much worse than that, something that becomes a zero following prostate surgery or some other problem.

When it gets worse, it gets even worse after that.

Low blood flow stops morning wood, which stops irrigation of the penile chambers, and things get worse and worse.

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So what are the solutions that are talked about?

A lot of things like penis pumps. But they do very little and often cause injury.

And then there are also things that can allegedly rescue a shrinking member and make it longer…jelqing, stretches, hanging, clamping.

I’ve had countless men telling me about horrible injuries they’ve gotten trying to make their member bigger.

And I can’t really remember the last person that said that their rockiness quality was increasing.

It’s always the other way around. It’s always getting worse.

Until now…

Because that isn’t always the case now: I have actually found some things to produce striking increase in rockiness…

The best is the most recent discovery though.

It’s basically about massively increasing blood flow.

You do this one simple activity at home and you move massive amounts of blood through your member.

And this improves your rockiness, your lasting power, and even makes you appear bigger and feel thicker inside her!


–Matt Cook