Here’s my problem

Young lovers during foreplay before sex

I am small


“I am small. I knew this in fifth grade. I definitely found out the one time I went to take a shower in junior high school I looked around and never took another shower.

I did not do team sports and did not join the service because of that. I have been told is that all you got, just not big enough. I am desperate. How or what is the best and quickest way to gain size.

Thank you”

Matt Cook here, and this is an email I got a few days ago.

I never share anything with anyone that could be personally identifiable, as you probably know.

I remember this idea of showering in junior high school. I did it once and never did it again.

First there was the walk of shame between sweaty naked boys from my locker to the shower room.

There, a big huge stall with multiple shower heads, showering in front of the other boys, then the perp walk back to the locker.

If you wrapped the towel around your waist, you were a pussy.

If you didn’t, you were naked. And some boys had gone through puberty and some hadn’t (in seventh grade.)

I had a girl try to seduce me in seventh grade. She was the third or fourth precocious girl, scared the crap out of me.

And I hadn’t gone through puberty either.

What terrible times.

Well, you know what? Some men are going through terrible times now.

Dr. Willie doesn’t make an appearance anymore. And if he does, he’s shrunken a bit.

So that’s why I’m so proud of my natural size boosting formula.

You just paint it on and watch it grow!


–Matt Cook