Paint this on your member and watch it grow

Happy excited woman looking to the side screaming cheerful with wind in the hair on red background.

Just 3 drops can make you look and feel inches bigger…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve discovered the secret to growing bigger down there without any weird pumps, pills, or procedures.

It’s a safe, natural mineral that stimulates a man’s Leydig cells in the testicles to produce more important male hormones like testosterone and DHEA.

And when these important male hormones are in the right ratios, rockiness gets bigger, better, and longer-lasting.

You just paint a few drops right on your scrotum and rub it in… and watch it grow…

And just like that, your member is swelling up to its full size potential and ready to rock for 30 minutes or more.

The first time I used my Paint It On and Watch It Grow formula, I knew I had struck gold.

I paint just a few drops on my scrotum and wait to see what is going to happen…

And to my complete shock, I am sporting a massive towel-hanger.

My wife walks in and gasps.

She is so turned on by my thick, engorged member that we do it right then and there.

And I last longer than 30 minutes, without losing my thickness at all.

It is the first day of a whole new world.

Thanks to my new spin on an old friend’s secret mixture, my Paint It On and Watch It Grow formula has revolutionized my sex life.

Now my wife and I do it at least 4 times a week for 30 minutes or more.

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These Paint It On and Watch It Grow ingredients are natural, safe, and have been around for a long time…

But the giant pharmaceutical corporations and even the smaller supplement companies have all chosen to ignore these ingredients…


Because there’s no profit in them.

They’re too cheap and there are no patents on them.

Only a few small suppliers sell these ingredients, and in some cases, I’ve mixed my own.

And all I have to do is paint them onto my scrotum for maximum size and stamina.

Just imagine your wife or girlfriend’s face when she takes off your pants and finds a bigger, better member waiting for her…

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She will not be able to believe her eyes — you’ve grown bigger and thicker practically overnight!

And now you have a swollen, pulsating member staring her in the face, making her lick her lips in anticipation…

She wants nothing more than to shove that thick and engorged rod up her wet tunnel of love.

And you will be able to give it to her for 30 minutes or longer, thanks to these incredible natural drops.

Just paint it on and watch it grow.

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You only need a few drops and it’s natural and safe.

No pulling or jelqing required. And no strange chemicals or devices.

You can use this natural formula whenever you want to get fantastic boners and impress any girl you’re with.

Just paint it on and watch it grow, I say!

Here are all the benefits of using this Paint It On and Watch It Grow formula:

  • Watch as your member starts growing bigger, thicker, and more engorged… you will be able to last 30 minutes or longer every time you have sex and get impressively rocky each and every time…
  • Become the Alpha male all women want… you will experience a surge in confidence and women will be attracted to you everywhere you go… this works for married men and single guys — she won’t be able to keep her hands off you…
  • Enjoy a natural boost of energy that lasts throughout the entire day… you will feel young and alert, and have more sexual stamina… to her delight, you can now go another round or two in bed and pleasure her longer…
  • Experience a surge in libido and sex drive as your T-levels skyrocket…performance anxiety is a thing of the past now that you are naturally lowering stress hormones and increasing male androgens…
  • Replace stubborn belly fat with firm, strong muscles WITHOUT diet or exercise… because when your body is naturally producing more testosterone, you’ll effortlessly shed fat, revealing bulging muscles underneath…and if you do workout, your muscles will recover much faster than before…
  • Feel as young as you did 20 or 30 years ago with my “Paint It On and Watch It Grow” formula… the prohormones naturally fight back against aging, so even your body hair is growing back thick and fast now…and she just loves running her fingers through it…

Get my Paint It On and Watch It Grow formula here


–Matt Cook