This one supplement turns high cholesterol into high testosterone

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Lowers high cholesterol safely and naturally — by turning it into extra T!


Hey, Matt Cook here, and believe it or not, any man can naturally convert high cholesterol levels into high testosterone.

This is because the male body is already designed to do this.

There’s a natural factory process that goes on in a man’s Leydig cells, which are located in the testicles…

Cholesterol goes in, and testosterone comes out.

Testosterone cannot be made without cholesterol.

So if there’s not enough cholesterol in the body, testosterone levels will drop.

But if cholesterol is too high, that means it isn’t being converted into testosterone properly down in the Leydig cells.

And this happens as men get older — so cholesterol starts piling up in the body.

This is why many men have high cholesterol levels.

Makes sense, right?

Unfortunately you won’t hear about this from your doctor…

Chances are, he or she will just prescribe you a statin (not good).

But statins poison this natural conversion process of turning cholesterol into testosterone.

So it actually makes your cholesterol problems worse, not better! Because now T is falling too low.

Luckily, all you have to do is use one simple supplement to get this cholesterol-testosterone conversion process going again…

This turns high cholesterol into high testosterone — and it’s so much safer than a statin…


–Matt Cook