Men: how to jack up your testosterone by 37% in 3 minutes

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This can increase testosterone in 3 minutes just when you need it…even for men who are older!


Hey, I’m Lisa, and I have a question for you…

Did you know that the story about male testosterone dropping after 40 is a total LIE?

What throws doctors off is that “free testosterone” declines as we age…

…while “total testosterone” does NOT usually fall with age.

Total testosterone often stays high…

…but total testosterone is unavailable…it is tied up in proteins…kind of like certificates of deposit in the bank that you can’t touch.

What you want to do is turn some of that “total testosterone” into “free testosterone”…like ready-cash you get from the ATM…

…so now all that new free testosterone results in raging libido and performance…

Sounds good doesn’t it?

And that’s how Booster Bites work.

Pop one in your mouth and you’re up for anything…anytime, anyplace, when you want a shot of free testosterone…

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