For men who want bigger-looking, longer-lasting rockiness

Caucasian positive man holding fists up resting at his bed at home

…the Sherpa’s secret to getting bigger down there…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and as you know by now, I’m a health researcher…

So for more than 20 years, I’ve been lucky enough to travel around the world and discover new things about the penis, rockiness, and male sexual health.

And sometimes, I stumble onto these incredible discoveries by accident.

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Like when I’m in Norway climbing glaciers and just happen to discover something that completely changes the game…

…for men who want bigger-looking, longer-lasting boners…

So there I am climbing a glacier and my guide is a Sherpa man from the Himalyan mountain tops.

He’s led expeditions up some of the world’s highest peaks, including Mt. Everest.

And we get to talking, me and this Sherpa man, and he casually unzips and urinates…

…and I can’t help noticing that this man has an extraordinarily large-looking member, even up here in these frigid temps…

I look down at my own penis, small and shriveled up in the cold, and I’m thinking:

What is this man’s secret?

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How is this Sherpa man sporting such a large, engorged member on the top of a freezing cold glacier?

Most guys I know, myself included, get small and puny in frigid temperatures…but this guy…

…this Himalayan native…his penis seems to be getting BIGGER out here in these elements.

In fact, he looks semi-rocky as we climb this glacier! It’s almost obscene.

I feel weird looking at his penis, but I can’t help it, and other guys in the group notice too.

And when I get back to civilization, something happens that triggers the memory of this guy’s engorged schlong on the glacier…

And being the curious guy that I am, I start doing a little googling to see if all Himalayan men are that endowed…

And one link leads me to another link…and then hours later, I’m blinking furiously at the computer screen as I uncover a shocking fact…

I discover that Sherpa men are getting oxygen better than the rest of us.

And this is really weird because the Himalayan people live in one of the highest altitudes in the world…

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And everyone knows that there is very little oxygen to go around at high altitudes.

In fact, most people in high altitudes suffer from oxygen starvation, or what is medically known as tissue hypoxia.

With tissue hypoxia, the tissues and cells can’t get enough oxygen and start dying off.

And this causes all kinds of health problems, especially rockiness problems.

Yet these Sherpa men… they are in EXCELLENT health…

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They’re all fit with lean, hard muscles, even when they’re in their 70s and 80s.

They are not sick with high blood pressure or diabetes.

They have no need for medications or Big Pharma drugs.

And most importantly, they don’t suffer from rockiness problems.

In fact, one of the most amazing things to me when I studied these Sherpa men is how good their sexual health is.

These men are known for their peak performance levels.

They have amazing stamina and can outperform a man 20 or 30 years younger.

And crazy but true, Sherpa men are considered the “Don Juans” of Nepal — women come from all over the world to sleep with them.

It gets me thinking of my Sherpa guide and his noticeably big bulge…and it makes me even more intent on discovering his secret…

And believe it or not, it has to do with oxygen.

Sherpa men all use oxygen more efficiently in the body.

So their cells, tissues, and organs actually get more oxygen than normal, including the penis.

And I’m thinking: this must have something to do with my Sherpa guide’s enormous package up on that glacier.

I’m thinking maybe it’s oxygen that’s key…

And this leads me to make several startling discoveries about oxygen and how it can make a man bigger and better in bed.

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For instance, I discover that it makes quite a difference for rockiness when oxygen levels are high.

In one study, they hooked 71 men’s penises up to probes that measure oxygen levels…

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…and the researchers found that men with high oxygen levels get better, stronger, longer-lasting boners.

Even while flaccid, the men with higher oxygen levels had plumper, bigger-looking penises.

Because as I’ve discovered, proper oxygenation of the penis is incredibly important for penis size.

When the penis gets more oxygen, the inner tissue matrix expands, making the penis more engorged.

And more oxygen means more blood flow.

More hot, pumping blood flowing into the penis, making it thick and full, even when flaccid.

So the answer I’ve been looking for… it’s more oxygen.

It’s about getting more oxygen and sending it to all of the body’s tissues and organs, including the penis…

And I realize that if I want to naturally enjoy bigger, better, longer-lasting boners, I need to find a way to better oxygenate my penis.

So that’s what I’ve been working on for the past 6 months…an oxygenation protocol for the penis

And right now, today, it’s yours free.


–Matt Cook

P.S. Try this to put my oxygen theory to the test…

Next time you’re making love to your wife or your girlfriend…

…or if you’re single, the next time you’re pleasuring yourself solo…

…keep your mouth closed the entire time.

Try not to mouth breathe at all.

Then tell me if you feel or see any changes down there…

(Hint: blood flow should get things throbbing and more engorged down there!)