This lets you last longer and longer the more you do it

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A simple 2-second exercise overcomes PE problems


Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’m so glad I finally discovered how to last a long time and not come in 3 minutes like I used to…

Because now my wife is MUCH more willing to go to bed with me, knowing I can last long enough to pleasure her…

And it’s all thanks to this 2-second pelvic floor exercise I’ve been practicing.

It naturally strengthens my muscles down there… the same muscles that contract when I come…

So the more I “flex” these pelvic floor muscles, the more control I have over my own lasting power.

And the result is 30 minute sex, sometimes even hour long sex.

And you feel incredible pleasure the whole time this way.

There’s no “holding back” or sacrificing your own pleasure when you last longer this way.

So here’s what I’m doing — any man can try this 2-second pelvic floor exercise and start lasting longer and longer

And the more you do this, the longer you last!


–Matt Cook