Why men suffer from a low drive (and how to fix it)

Portrait of relaxed young woman taking shower

Here’s how to get back that super high drive you had as a young man


Hey, Matt Cook here, and remember being a young teenage boy and wanting to do it all the time?

At that time, my drive was always sky-high.

I would come home and jerk off by myself several times a day.

And after that, I would still feel like I had enough juices left to pump a real woman all night long.

But eventually I lost that…

As I got older, my drive started to dip…

And one day, it hit me… I have almost no sex drive to speak of and I don’t know why.

But here’s the weird part… it’s not that I don’t want sex… because I do…

Up in my brain, it’s all I think about. Especially when I see my hot wife step naked out of the shower.

But down there, where things are supposed to come to life… nothing happens.

I see my naked wife, I want her, but things aren’t following through down below.

And this starts to worry me…

And it starts to worry my wife.

Jodi, my wife, she starts taking it personally when I don’t try to sex her up at night.

“Don’t you love me anymore? Don’t you find me attractive?” she says.

And of course I love my wife! Of course I find her attractive.

I can’t explain why my arousal isn’t peaking like it used to…but I decide right then and there that I will figure it out.

And finally, after months of research, months of reading studies day after day, week after week…

…after talking to countless other men who are dealing with the same problem…

…I’ve finally made a simple nutritional discovery that’s blowing this whole thing wide open…

Here’s the real reason men suffer from a low drive…AND how to fix it


–Matt Cook