This reverses keratinization “down there” for a more sensitive member

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Up to 90% sensitivity restored


Hey, Matt Cook here, and have you heard of keratinization?

Keratinization involves the thickening and hardening of the most sensitive parts of a man’s member…

The penis doesn’t feel hard…but at a cellular level, the nerves are not able to feel and transmit much sensation.

It’s like playing guitar with gloves on…or making love wearing 3 condoms!

The skin of the glans gets rough, and little lines and grooves appear…

Those lines and grooves in the penis skin show keratinization.

It’s like when you soak your hands in water for a long time and they get pruney and your fingers feel less…

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That’s what happens to the member over time.

And since doctors don’t know anything about keratinization, men keep losing more and more sensitivity and don’t even know it!

But I’ve been researching this issue…and I’ve found a way to reverse keratinization in as little as a few days…

And with this method, up to 90% sensitivity can be restored…


–Matt Cook