Why girls go crazy over this simple penetration move

Give her what she really wants

Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve discovered a certain way of penetrating a woman that stimulates all 3 of her most sensitive pleasure points.

It works like this:

As soon as you lay her on the bed, spread her legs in your “usual” position…

Then, place her hips in this slightly angled position…

In this way, you keep your pubic bone pressed into her clit the entire time.

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And take note – because this will likely happen next…

In just a few seconds, you’ll feel a warm surge of her juices surrounding your member…

And as you continue thrusting her, you’ll feel her “walls” clench around you in spasmic pulses…

Pulses strong enough to deliver earth-shattering O’s that make her shake, shiver, and even squirt!

It’s like having a machine gun when most guys only have a pea shooter, LOL.


I say that because the rest is just too explicit to describe here – so check this out…


–Matt Cook

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