What the media is NOT telling you about COVID19 deaths

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This is potentially life-saving information and you won’t hear it anywhere else


Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve been an independent health researcher for over 20 years.

So reading medical studies everyday is nothing new to me, but I’ve been putting in even more hours lately to bring you the latest updates about COVID19.

This is a crazy time, and there’s a lot of information being put out there by the media that’s confusing and just plain wrong.

And I want to make sure you’re getting the FACTS, so you can stay healthy and safe, and protect your loved ones.

And last night, I made a huge discovery… a link between people who have died from COVID19 and high blood pressure…

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So if you are older and have high blood pressure or are taking meds to control your blood pressure…

This is for you — please watch


–Matt Cook

P.S. Always ask your doctor BEFORE you make any changes on medication. My purpose is getting this information out as soon as possible — so you can take precautions.