What a native tribal woman taught me about getting bigger down there

couple in luxury clothing eating hot dogs near wall with graffiti on street

One of the most amazing travel stories of my entire life


In the clearing, I pinned down this bare-breasted beauty for her secrets…

…and through a translator, she told me that she and her husband do it 3 times.

“Per week?” “No,” the translator assured me, “per night.”

Then she showed me the jungle juice that she gave her husband every night.

These Colombian tribal folk are some of the hardest men to find and talk to.

They are war-like and they avoid the western man.

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But I succeeded through my connections and secured the recipe of the famous jungle juice…

…from a very strange Colombian man who happened to be a smuggler.

The jungle juice recipe is revealed here…for FREE

In all of my travels, I have never experienced anything like this. I think you will find it fascinating…


–Matt Cook