VasMax increased my size – here’s how

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Insane vascularity update for you

Hey, Matt Cook here, and if you’re wondering if my new VasMax method is worth the time and effort…

I made a little diary showing you what you can expect…

Let’s talk morning wood first…

  • Morning wood comes roaring back, even if you haven’t had any in a long time
  • Improved strength of morning wood
  • Getting woken up in the middle of the night on occasion by the fullness of your member. If you’ve gone a long time with poor nightly fullness, expect this to happen a few times while you re-adjust to having nighttime rockiness.
  • Morning wood starts lasting longer. Instead of just drooping and going away once you wake up, morning wood starts hanging around longer and longer… (more on this later)
  • Morning wood soreness. You’re not just getting morning wood now, or noticing they are hanging around longer — you actually feel a dull ache now.
  • Large and heftier morning boners. Right around the time you start experiencing dull aches from long-standing fullness and better blood flow, you will find your boners are noticeably thicker and heftier in your hands.
  • The throbbing. Thicker, heftier, and more persistent rockiness is one thing — actual throbbing is another!
  • You’ll be going through your morning routine and look over at your reflection absentmindedly and do a double take — because your member is bouncing in time with your pulse!

And what about daily fullness changing over time? Let me break it down…

  • You’ll start to notice that even though your flaccid member is still pretty shriveled, it’s definitely hanging a bit more heavily
  • And you’re wondering, “Did my penis always look this veiny?” If you could not see it before, the outline of your deep dorsal vein is visible now
  • Improvements in color — where before you may have had a bloodless pallor, now it’s definitely starting to look pink!
  • You’ve looked down a few times now and can feel a tug at the corner of your lips that threatens to break out in a full smile…
  • Your member is officially not shriveled anymore. Your partner hasn’t caught on just yet… but you’re really starting to like the heftiness that bounces around when you walk…
  • Right after a VasMax session, while looking yourself over, you’re wondering: “Was it always that big?”
  • “Wow” says your significant other. It’s official now. It’s not just all in your head! She sees the changes and likes it. Note: You may start getting to work a bit later than normal or going to bed a bit sweaty…
  • You thought you felt it a few times before, but now you can definitely feel it! You have a pulse in your dorsal arteries. Your member is pulsing with new power…
  • You are noticing her eyes open up wider when you push into her now, and how her moans drag on a bit longer than they used to…
  • It’s not 100% totally official just yet, but you’ve been walking through the underwear section of the store a few times, entertaining the idea of needing bigger pairs
  • That smile that has started to look an awful lot like a self-satisfied smirk has been on your face all day — you’ve basically been a little under half mast all day and aren’t trying to hide it, just enjoying it.
  • Conversations with your wife or girlfriend are a lot more fun when you’re shifting your weight around… you notice her eyes do that little downward dart more often than usual…
  • Cowgirl is an amazing sight to behold… but you have to tuck your hips in now when she really starts to grind into you
  • Black pants go a long way towards keeping the ladies in your office from getting unusually clumsy when they walk past you…
  • You’ve definitely measured yourself, measured again, and again. YUP. Hitting that back wall definitely wasn’t a fluke. There’s a few more ticks on that measuring device of yours now…
  • You’ve been doing the VasMax exercises for a good couple of weeks now and you are getting used to the feeling of sloshing around in your wants while you walk. And you’re walking with more of a pep in your step… Life is GOOD.
  • And the beat (as in heartbeat in your pants) goes on… and things get better and better the higher you climb!

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–Matt Cook

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