Ugh please help — terrible awful prostate problems

Unhealthy looking man holding pillbox.

Big Pharma wants me to take these, but…


“Matt, it’s your prostate.”

That’s what my wife, Jodi, tells me at the breakfast table after another sleepless night.

And she’s right — it is my prostate.

It’s my prostate keeping me (and my wife) up at night, making me get up over and over to use the bathroom.

But when I go to pee, not a lot comes out.

The stream is weak, struggling… and I never feel fully satisfied, like I’ve really emptied my bladder.

And I suspect that it’s even starting to give me problems in the bedroom…

So yes, it’s my prostate — but what do I do about it?

I’ve looked into pills — and frankly, they’re NOT for me…

In one study, prostate pills…

  • lowered drive in 94% of the men
  • 92% developed performance issues
  • 92% developed decreased sensitivity
  • 69% developed problems with finishing

And these problems persisted even after the men in the study stopped taking the pills.

So no prostate pills for me, Doc.

Then there’s surgeries, like the TURP procedure…

And after investigating these kinds of surgeries, I decided I did NOT want to go through that… no sir…

According to the Mayo Clinic, the TURP procedure involves:

“An instrument called a resectoscope [being] inserted through the tip of your penis and into the tube that carries urine from your bladder (urethra).”


I get queasy just thinking about something being inserted down the shaft of my penis!

And I do NOT like the sound of some of the side effects either…

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So no prostate surgeries for me. That’s definitely a last resort.

So what about supplements?

Well I looked into prostate supplements too, and here’s what I’ve found…

Many prostate supplements contain ingredients that can lower men’s hormone levels while raising stress hormones like estrogen and cortisol.

And personally, I feel us guys already have too much estrogen in our environment…

…and I want my testosterone levels to be HIGHER rather than lower.

So I’m trying to avoid ingredients like Beta Sitosterol, which is a phyto-estrogen.

This means it can lower testosterone while raising estrogen.

Then there’s Lycopene — which in small amounts is fine, even healthy… but in large amounts toxic to men’s testosterone.

And Saw Palmetto is also a toxic ingredient for men’s testosterone. It’s another phyto-estrogen.

High estrogen not only causes prostate problems and performance problems, it can also cause belly fat, loss of muscle, even man boobs.

And finally, I’m definitely staying away from supplements containing excipients because they are very harmful to men.

Excipients are extra powders and chemicals that the manufacturer puts in…

…to make the supplement powder look whiter, cleaner, and make it flow freely on the machinery at the factory.

Titanium dioxide and silicon dioxide are two examples.

But these excipients cause harm by being absorbed through the gut wall…

…where they can clog up the blood vessels and even enter and damage the body’s cells.

So what else can I do about my prostate and my annoying pee problems?

If not pills, supplements, or surgeries — what else is there?

Well take a look at this study I’ve stumbled onto from Columbia University…

In this study, scientists studied men’s prostate problems, trying to find a natural solution…

And boy did they! Take a look at these results…

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So many men found success with the protocol used in this study.

And they weren’t using pills, supplements, or getting any surgeries.

So I decide I’m going to try out this prostate protocol for myself…

In fact, I’ve been using the protocol from the Columbia study for weeks now, and I’ve been taking notes on how it’s working for me.

But I’ll be honest…

The prostate protocol used in the Columbia study… it’s complicated…

Like really complicated. And also really confusing.

I’ve been having the hardest time trying to follow the instructions.

One day, I think it’s working… and the next, I have no idea if I’m doing things right.

So I’ve actually been making my own little tweaks to this prostate protocol…

I’m making it my own, and also making it easier, simpler, and more direct.

It’s already helping many of my 400,000 subscribers…

My goal is to make it easy enough for any guy to use.

Like you, for instance. If you happen to have prostate problems, maybe this will help you too.

So if you’re interested in this new and improved prostate solution I’ve been using, watch this very very quick video


–Matt Cook