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–Matt Cook

P.S. If you need a quick catch up…

In 1997, I had lower testosterone levels than other guys my age.

Like really low… I’m talking lower than 300.

Not to mention, I was always wearing big t-shirts to hide my fat belly…

Even when I went in the pool, I wore a shirt because I was embarrassed by my lack of muscles.

And to make matters worse, I was having a lot of trouble making love to my wife.

I wanted to — I just couldn’t. Things stayed limp and lifeless down there.

And here’s the thing… I was taking testosterone treatments from the doc…

I was trying pills, patches, gels, even injections…

Everything the medical experts say to do for low testosterone, I was doing it.

But none of it was helping me.

My testosterone would go up temporarily, then fall again…

And eventually, it stopped going up at all. It just stayed miserably low.

It drained me of my confidence in the bedroom and as a man.

And my rockiness just got worse and worse, to the point where it started affecting my marriage.

My wife didn’t like how moody I was, how fat and floppy and limp I was.

And I couldn’t blame her… I didn’t even like myself.

It was a terrible period in my life where things felt very hopeless.

But something inside me told me not to give up…

If the doctors couldn’t help me, then maybe I could help myself.

It started as innocent Google searches, looking up more information about men’s testosterone levels…

But before I know it, I’m reading 10-15 medical studies a day.

It actually kicks off my career as a health researcher.

And my first big breakthrough happens when I discover that it’s not just my testosterone levels I should be worrying about…

…turns out I need to test my estrogen levels too!

I know I’m on the right path when I find out my estrogen levels are through the roof, almost twice the normal levels they should be.

So what’s the deal? Why are my estrogen levels so high?

Well I start finding proof of these toxins all around me…

In my shampoos, soaps, deodorant, even in some of the foods I’m eating…

It turns out that us men are surrounded by toxins that disrupt our hormone levels all the time.

And these toxins cause a process called aromatization to speed up.

Aromatization is the body’s way of turning testosterone into estrogen.

Because men need a small amount of estrogen to function properly, just not too much.

However, when aromatization speeds up, too much testosterone starts getting turned into estrogen…

Like way too much. Almost all of it.

All the fresh, new healthy testosterone that my Leydig cells were making… it was getting turned right into estrogen.

Even the “fake” testosterone I was taking from the doc… it was just getting turned into estrogen in my body.

Aromatization was happening too often and too rapidly.

And that was creating this huge imbalance in my hormone levels.

So my testosterone was terribly low — and my estrogen was terribly high.

I needed to flip this ratio on its head… but how?

Believe it or not, it took me 8 long years to perfect a solution…

I had to read hundreds of medical studies, do dozens of experiments on myself…

I must have spent a fortune buying different natural ingredients and mixing them up in different combinations.

But it was all worth it, even my wife yelling at me for making a mess in her kitchen…because…

I finally developed the perfect aromatase inhibitor!

That means it slows down and stops the aromatization process, so testosterone stops getting turned into estrogen.

And get this — it’s totally natural.

This aromatase inhibitor I’m using is made from simple, natural ingredients you can get at the grocery store.

Heck, you may even have some of these ingredients in your kitchen right now!

And thanks to this aromatase inhibitor I’m using, I’ve more than doubled my testosterone…

Here’s the proof:

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All the while, my estrogen has dropped to normal levels. My doc was blown away.

And no more belly fat, no more embarrassing man boobs, no more chicken wing arms.

The extra flab practically fell off me. Without me exercising a ton or going on any crazy diets.

And my rockiness improved by leaps and bounds!

My wife had me smiling from ear to ear all week after she happily says:

“You were SO GOOD last night! I could feel how rocky you were the whole time.”

And things just kept getting better for us in the bedroom the longer I used this natural aromatase inhibitor.

Today, I’m still rocking really high testosterone levels for a man in his 60s.

And my health and performance, even my confidence as a man, is right where I want it to be.

And I want to help other men who may be where I was in 1997…

Men who have terribly low testosterone no matter what they’ve tried…

Guys who can’t get rocky and keep adding on fat no matter what they eat or how much they work out…

I want you to try this — and I don’t want you to have to pay for it.

See, I know how skeptical guys in our position are. They feel like nothing will help them.

Some guys like me have spent hundreds of dollars on testosterone treatments and supplements, only for them not to fix the problem…

And times right now are especially tough…

So I want you to be able to try this for free, no strings attached, and see if it works for you.

I can’t promise my solution will work as well for you as it did for me — but why shouldn’t it?

It’s entirely possible that you use this testosterone solution and end up doubling your T just like I did.

Try my Tee Soup for free before all the spots are taken