This steers cholesterol into testosterone production

Totally natural, and the easiest way to have high testosterone and low cholesterol


Hey, Matt Cook here, and believe it or not, cholesterol can be a good thing…

I know that sounds crazy, but what most doctors aren’t telling men is that without cholesterol, there would be no testosterone…

Because cholesterol is actually a natural building block of testosterone.

It goes into the Leydig cells down in a man’s testicles… and the testicles turn it into healthy testosterone.

This is a normal, natural process that happens automatically in the body.

But here’s the problem… when cholesterol gets too high, that means it’s not being converted into testosterone anymore… 

And most doctors just put men on a statin, to lower cholesterol with chemicals…

But that won’t do anything to restart this natural cholesterol-into-testosterone process — in fact, statins just make it worse.

That’s why I’ve developed Protocol C2T that naturally restarts the cholesterol-into-testosterone process with these benefits:

  • Perfect cholesterol levels… When you use Protocol C2T to convert high cholesterol into high testosterone, your cholesterol levels normalize on their own.
  • Some men are healthiest when their cholesterol is higher than the “norm.” The truth is, there’s no perfect number. Every man is different.
  • As long as you’re using Protocol C2T, your cholesterol will always be in the perfect range and your testosterone will stay sky-high.
  • No need for dangerous statins… With Protocol C2T, you are lowering your cholesterol the NATURAL way… so you won’t need pills.
  • Statins are shown to give men “rockiness” problems or make existing “rockiness” problems WORSE. Now you can avoid this side effect altogether, and actually IMPROVE your boners… more on that later…
  • There is also a strong link between long-term statin use and cancer. With Protocol C2T, you can lower your cholesterol better than statins with ZERO unwanted side effects.
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  • Healthy, high testosterone… The best part about lowering your cholesterol with Protocol C2T is that you raise your testosterone at the same time.
  • My protocol helps the body turn extra cholesterol into extra testosterone, so you can have higher T levels than a 20-year-old.
  • And this is REAL, natural testosterone — the kind you want in your body. “Fake” testosterone in the form of pills, patches, and gels actually raise estrogen too, which HURTS testosterone and male sexual function.
  • Great “rockiness” all the time… Now that you have naturally high testosterone, you’re experiencing better boners that last longer than before.
  • Countless studies show us that the more testosterone we have, the harder and longer-lasting our male “rockiness” will be. Now you can have sky-high testosterone for the rest of your life, no matter how old you are, and get great “rockiness” no matter what.
  • And if you’ve been struggling with “rockiness” problems because of statin use, don’t worry — my protocol will restore great boners again, no matter how long it’s been…
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  • More sexual stamina… More T also means more stamina in bed. Now you can last as long as you want, whenever you want!
  • High testosterone levels make men healthier, and endurance naturally increases…
  • So now you can perform better than you did as a young man, and please your wife or girlfriend for longer… Other men, even guys half your age, are going to be desperate to know your secret…
  • Higher sex drive… High testosterone means high libido. You will feel a surge in sex drive almost as soon as Protocol C2T starts working…
  • With all that testosterone being pumped out of your Leydig cells, you’re feeling ready to go at a moment’s notice.
  • Your girlfriend can’t believe how many times you can do it now in a single day… it’s like you’re a horny teenager again…
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  • Less fat, more muscle mass… Men with high testosterone levels have more muscle and less fat on their bodies.
  • When testosterone is low, estrogen is usually high. And estrogen is like poison for men. Estrogen gives men belly fat, love handles, even man boobs. By increasing testosterone, you will also naturally lower estrogen…
  • And you will be amazed when you look in the mirror and see less fat and more muscle on your body. You don’t even have to diet or exercise. With higher T, you will naturally have firmer, stronger, leaner muscles.
  • Better heart health… Now that your cholesterol levels are normal thanks to Protocol C2T, your heart is in much better shape too.
  • High cholesterol increases the risk of heart disease and stroke, while high testosterone has been shown to PROTECT heart health.
  • So by converting your high cholesterol into high testosterone, you’re doing your heart a huge favor! You’re reducing your risk of heart disease, heart attack, and stroke, while enjoying additional benefits…
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  • A more confident and assertive personality… Men with high T are naturally more confident men. They have no problem leading a group and making tough decisions.
  • And women LOVE this in a man. Even if they say they don’t, they’re biologically hard-wired to find a confident, assertive man attractive.

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–Matt Cook