Do this tonight when you’re by yourself for better bedroom performance

Instead of masturbation, men are doing this…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and what a man does alone, for self pleasuring, can either hurt him sexually or help him…

Masturbation can result in poor partner performance…and it can rob a man of his virility over time.

The ancient Taoists knew this. And in their wisdom, the men practiced solo cultivation to boost their sexual stamina into their 90s and 100s.

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They made it a complicated process — but I’ve made it simple… and it’s GOOD for you sexually, as opposed to most masturbation which is HARMFUL to sexuality in many cases…

Now men can use these 3 “solo activities” and perform at their best, as long as the Taoists did…

These solo activities improve things for men with “rockiness” problems, even men who’ve been struggling for a long time.

Just use them the next time you’re home alone (they feel really good)…

…and you will be increasing your sexual stamina for the next time you’re with a partner.

Here are the 3 fun (and pleasurable) solo activities for men that increase sexual performance.


–Matt Cook


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