This opens up penile arteries (makes boners better)

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Bigger, fatter, longer-lasting boners now possible


Hey, Matt Cook here, and to get a boner, some muscles must relax…

Like the smooth muscles lining the penile chambers, and the blood vessels in the member.

And one muscle in particular must contract — the IC muscle that traps blood in the member must contract for a good solid boner.

This combination of relaxing and contracting is unconscious — but it can be trained.

I have found that certain workouts of the male member can retrain the muscles, build more blood vessels, and expand the existing blood vessels.

The result is new vasculature, new vessels growing, and the existing ones get wider so they can carry more blood.

The principle of the penis workout is the same as a workout of your arms, like bench presses.

The workout on the member forces huge blood flow through, and the result is the member responds by increasing the vessel size and laying in new blood vessels.

This will eventually lead to new penile tissue — a fatter, longer member is quite possible — but boners become very good, well before that.

This process works on the physiological principle of mechanotransduction:

mechanical exercises can cause the vessels to widen, and new vessels to sprout, and eventually new tissue to grow.

So if you want to increase your boner quality and also you want to potentially increase size, try this penis workout tonight


–Matt Cook