This lens gets women to initiate with you and want you

young couple looking at each other while lying together on bed

For married guys, single guys — for any man who wants more sex, love, and connection


Hey, Matt Cook here, and if you’re like most guys, you want to get your woman (or a woman you are going to meet) to want you…to desire you…to want only you…

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…but this is not always easy. Until now…

You see, I discovered an interesting phenomenon I call the sexual lens.

Because simply by thinking a few key thoughts, you can focus her on you and only you.

And strangely this works when you are single — just set up in a bar corner somewhere, think the thoughts, and women approach you.

For guys in a relationship, it works great.

Come home, and she’s tired from work, and she has always in the past said, “not tonight…”

But now, she initiates by giving you a kiss in a way she never does except when she wants sex…and then she leads you by the hand into the bedroom…

…wow, this is pretty fun!

Get started now — just go watch this new video — discover how to use this sexual lens to get her wanting to go to bed with you


–Matt Cook