A few drops of these prohormones can embiggen you

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You just have to put them in the right place…

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and have you heard of a special type of molecule called prohormones?

Prohormones are the molecules that form testosterone, DHT, and other important male androgens.

They get your body to produce more T and DHT…and it’s better than getting T injections or patches or pellets for most men…

Because when your body produces T, it does it in a variable way that is constantly being fine-tuned…

But when you get injections, patches or pellets, there is NO variability and your body is constantly exposed to an overdose of T.

These prohormones are way better for most men — they stack together like building blocks to create new male androgens in our bodies, on our body’s schedule, the way our bodies want.

And my formula safely supports this natural process.

It delivers more prohormones right to the source — the testicles — where the body uses those prohormones to create male androgens, WHEN YOUR BODY WANTS IT.

And it directs the body into making more male androgens faster.

And this is fantastic because research shows that men with higher androgen levels have fuller male members and better penile function:

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You just have to put these drops in the right place…


–Matt Cook