This is fun and intensifies pleasure — try it tonight

Happy couple in bed at home and use mobile phone

This is mostly for men — but I’ll show you how women can play too!


Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve developed a new method of intensifying sexual pleasure…

It’s a fun new single or partner activity I’m calling the Intenso game.

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With the Intenso game, men can effortlessly start storing more sexual energy and increase their lasting power.

And all the while, they are feeling intense feelings of pleasure that spread across their whole body.

This is sexual pleasure on steroids… but it’s completely natural!

All you’re doing is playing a fun online game I’ve developed…

Either by yourself or with a partner.

There’s nothing to take, nothing to buy, no weird gadgets or devices you have to use.

All you need is a phone or a computer and some privacy.

Then in seconds, you are feeling intensely pleasurable sensations that only seem to get stronger the more you play.

Then you find yourself lasting longer with a lot more stamina.

And you didn’t even have to work at it! It just happens as you play the game.

Here are all the benefits of playing the Intenso game:

  • Experience intense feelings of sexual pleasure
    • The Intenso game is designed to bring you more pleasure than you’ve ever felt before — and then to grow that pleasure, so you start feeling more and more…and more and more and more…until it’s the most intensely pleasurable feelings you’ve ever experienced…and not just in your penis, but throughout your entire body…
    • It works by harnessing a specific technique developed by Masters and Johnson in the 1960s called Sensate Focus…I’ve studied this technique and made it better…easier to use and lots more fun…So you’re practically humming with pleasure…vibrating with sensations that seem to take over your entire being…you feel it in your hands and your toes, your legs and your arms…all over your body…
    • This is pleasure you didn’t even know existed, it blows your other sexual experiences out of the water…And the best part is, the more you play this game, the more pleasure you feel…and it just keeps getting better!
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  • Enjoy longer-lasting sexual experiences
    • The point of the Intenso game is to feel intense sexual pleasure for as long as possible — so naturally, you’re going to be enjoying longer sexual experiences that last anywhere from 30 Minutes to 3 Hours, depending on your mood! And this is continuous pleasure, not just one quick 30-second spurt of pleasure you get at the end…
    • Each time you play the game, you will find the session lasting longer and longer…and that is because you are getting better at it and feeling more, and you will not want it to stop! You will want to keep playing this game for as long as possible because you are constantly feeling incredible pleasure the entire time…
  • Naturally strengthen your boners
    • One of the best benefits of playing the Intenso game is how great it is for your rockiness quality. You’ll be playing the game, lost in the pleasurable sensations you’re feeling — and automatically, your boner will be growing stronger and harder, and you won’t be having to work at it. In fact, you probably won’t be thinking about your rockiness at all because you’ll be too wrapped up in the full-body sensations you’re experiencing…
    • And for many men who play this game who may not be happy with the quality or Hammer Strength Hardness of their rockiness, they find things only get better the more they play. And there’s nothing special they have to do! Some guys try everything from pills to pumps to surgeries to get harder boners — and this game may do it for free!
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  • Effortlessly extend your lasting power
    • Another huge benefit of playing the Intenso game is how much it helps you build stamina in the bedroom. The game is about lasting pleasure…so inevitably, you’re going to start lasting longer and longer, either by yourself or with a woman, after playing this game. That’s just the way the game works!
    • And for men suffering from Premature Ejaculation or coming too soon, this can really help when other options may not. Sometimes all men with PE need is a change in focus, and suddenly they are lasting as long as 20 or 30 minutes without even trying to! The Intenso game makes it easy to last as long as an hour if you play it enough times.
  • Super sexually stimulating for men AND women
    • This is a game designed to bring you intense sexual pleasure, so it’s going to be super stimulating and exciting, and probably Up Your Drive in a big way. And since women can play too, get ready for your sexual chemistry to increase the more you play together…you will have a connection no other couple has and it will show…
    • The Intenso game makes things more exciting and really spices things up, which may really benefit long-term couples who find themselves in a rut sexually. This can Revive a Dead Bedroom faster than anything else I know — just play it once and you’ll see exactly what I mean!
  • May make a woman more interested in sex
    • There’s something about playing the Intenso game that women just LOVE…I’ve heard from so many women who report being extremely turned on by this game, who start feeling more attractive and desired by their partners, even women who haven’t been interested in sex in ages suddenly start begging their husbands or boyfriends to play…
    • You will be floored by how powerful this game can be…it gets a woman calling you, texting you, begging you to come over and play…she starts going out of her way to wear sexier outfits and sending you sexy photos…and it’s all thanks to the Intenso game which has helped you Unlock Something Deep Inside Her
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  • Can be played alone as a solo game
    • The Intenso game is perfect for you to play when you’re Home Alone after a long day of work, or when you wake up late on the weekend, or when you’re in the shower getting ready…It’s the easiest way for you to start feeling extreme sexual pleasure, with or without a partner, and all the while you will be getting so many other benefits out of it…
    • You will be naturally Enhancing your Sexual Prowess and increasing your lasting power for when you are with a woman. And it will just be automatic while you play the game. You won’t even have to think about it or work at it. This game does it all for you.
  • Can be played with a partner as a couples game
    • The Intenso game is also designed to work with a partner, so you can play with your wife or girlfriend and Double the Fun. You can take turns or play at the same time, and you will both be getting a ton of pleasure out of it, and it’s also a ton of fun. And a lot of men tell me this brings them closer together as a couple, and increases the intimacy in their relationship…
    • For many long-term couples, sex can fall to the wayside…But as soon as you introduce this game, Sexy Sparks Fly Again and you are feeling like you did when you first met and couldn’t get enough of each other. This is a really fun way to play with power dynamics too, and it can spice things up when they get boring…
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  • Feels really good and super fun to play
    • At the end of the day, the Intenso game is just pure, adulterated fun! It’s an R-rated Good Time for a man who loves sex and wants to enjoy intense sexual pleasure for as long as possible, either when he’s alone or with a woman. And I believe it is a much needed escape for us in this crazy, chaotic world. Just what the doctor ordered!

So — want to try it?

There’s nothing to lose! You can play for free.

Start playing here and let me know what you think after you try it


–Matt Cook