This builds muscle, raises T, burns off fat (free today)

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and earlier this week I shared my newest discovery with you…

…a simple 45 second activity that lets men breathe fat out as carbon dioxide…

What this means is men can kiss hardcore dieting and working out goodbye.

It won’t work nearly as well as this 45 second activity!

And who wants to run 29 miles to burn one single pound of fat…

…when you can burn POUNDS of fat just sitting on the couch, using this 45 second activity…

I know it sounds crazy, but it works.

It works by firing up the mitochondria that produce the body’s energy.

Then the mitochondria starts using fat for energy, both white fat and brown fat.

And all this energy turns into body heat — you may feel warmer, more energetic…

And that’s how you know the 45 second activity is working.

Every time you breathe out, you’re breathing fat out!

It turns into carbon dioxide and you just breathe it out.

And this is exactly how Thermo 3 worked back in the 1930s — but it was banned and hidden away from the public because it worked so well.

So now you can get the same effects of Thermo 3 naturally with this 45 second activity.

You can be burning up fat as energy and turning fat into muscle, without lifting a finger.

Without cutting calories or cutting carbs.

Without extreme diets or intermediate fasting.

All you need is the 45 second activity — and I am living proof that it works!

I’m back to eating everything I love and I’m down to 175 pounds.

My belly has disappeared — I can actually look down in the shower now and see my own d*ck, LOL!

And my arms are firmer, so is my chest and my pecs. And I’m not working out.

I don’t like exercising. I just like to go on walks or be active in other ways.

And now with the 45 second activity, I can continue eating yummy food and drinking beer without feeling guilty and packing on the fat!

And you can join me for free — I’m revealing the 45 second activity for free, but only to the first 60 men.

And we’ve already had a lot of men jump on this offer, so you can’t wait if you want this for free.

Spots are going really fast, and I’d hate for you to miss out.

Discover my own version of “Thermo 3” and how well it works for fat loss right here.


–Matt Cook