These three testosterone secrets saved my marriage

man head older in necktie“These three testosterone tricks  saved  our  marriage”

 This is for you if  they have told you ANY of  these things:

  • It’s stress, you’re just anxious!
  • You need to take these “little blue pills”
  • It’s just the effects of getting older — what do you expect?

Let me tell you my story. It was beyond embarrassing. My throat was tight and I could hardly talk. Jennifer sat on the bed, holding back tears. She was shaking her head. She had had enough.

And I didn’t blame her.

After 25 years of marriage, one minute working, the next not. She couldn’t take it anymore.

I had to do something. I had gone to the doctor already, and had my testosterone checked.

“You’re just getting older, what can you expect”

The doctor said, “men are coming to me every day for this problem…even I have it myself!”

He gave me a prescription for the little blue pills and warned me, “don’t depend on these. They may help for awhile, but they won’t fix the problem.”

Just like the doctor said — they helped for awhile. 

But then even the pills stopped working.

And now, what was I going to do?

I didn’t want to lose my entire marriage and start over. And anyway, even with a new girl, I couldn’t be sure things were going to work, could I?

Luckily after hours of searching Google, I found the answer.

It wasn’t anxiety.

It wasn’t in my head.

And it wasn’t just because I was getting older.

It has a name, this problem…

I was suffering from desensitization

And here’s what I found that finally worked for me

1. I stopped taking those pills

I was so nervous when I stopped taking them, but I had to.  The pills were interfering with my recovery. And they were expensive. And, I didn’t want to take pills for this problem the rest of my life. 

2. I discovered the big cover-up and stopped doing these particular things (doctors never mention it — could it be because the Big Drug Companies are covering it up?)

The truth: Some of the stuff I was doing was hurting my performance. And even my doctor didn’t know about it!

I was extremely skeptical but I went ahead and tried this anyway — and when I changed how I did these things (which I had been doing since I was a very young man) things got better, to my great surprise.

WAY better.

I mean, like, better than they were 20 years ago. Or better than EVER, and I still can’t believe it. 

3. I did these simple little exercises

These totally upped my game. I feel more down there. And she’s thrilled too. Two years later, and we have the best marriage of any of our friends. It’s awesome, and what I did raised my testosterone levels more than the doctor could have imagined (he was shocked when he did that second blood test which saw my levels had really risen.)

I mean, I’m like a teen-ager again and it’s due to these simple little exercises I am doing.

I found this amazing video that shows you the whole thing — I’ll need your email address to view it, and I’ll also send you (by special permission) this 10 day free course that you’ll get via email. It’s normally $97 but I’m getting it to you for free thanks to the generosity of my publishing company.  

Warning: This video is QUITE graphic and may be offensive to some guys. If you dare, go and watch it now — before some big drug company makes them take it down. 

Click Here to watch the video