Don’t take testosterone supplements until you read THIS

Warning:  “This combination” is deadly to your manhood – and most doctors don’t even think of testing for this.


I imagined fixing my testosterone:

That surging energy…

That powerful “I can do anything” sex-drive…

testosterone surge

Doing her 3 or 4 times a night…

Even getting that six pack…it’s just a matter of losing a bit of belly fat, right?

But I made a horrible discovery:

The supplements I was taking for testosterone were making my problem WORSE.

No matter what I did…I still had these same problems that wouldn’t go away:

  • A pot belly I couldn’t get rid of
  • Getting up constantly to pee — and my doc suggesting going in there to snip away at what I had
  • And hard-ons that were either always soft, or 60% of what I used to have…

Not to mention grinding away forever without reaching that moment of bliss…or going soft at the worst possible moment.

I was suffering from Low T Syndrome and didn’t know it


Guys with Low T Syndrome don’t know they have it – except for the symptoms….

The big drug companies tell the docs “put these guys on testosterone supplements”. And sometimes it’s necessary… and can even help a few guys.

But for me it sucked.

It turns out that supplementing for testosterone caused my female sex hormone levels to rise alarmingly

(no wonder I had that pot belly, man boobs, and serious trouble in the bedroom… my body was flooded with girly hormones!)

The male body often turns extra testosterone into the female sex hormone estrogen.

So my natural testosterone levels were declining, AND  I had high levels of female sex hormone! And after talking to tons of guys it seems like I am not alone.

The extra estrogen in a man’s body spells trouble, big trouble…

Fortunately this can be easily fixed for most men.

I got it fixed — and here’s how. It’s all in this video.

Without crazy diets, without expensive supplements, and without unnecessary and dangerous injections.

Warning: My video is EXPLICIT. I’m not a medical guy, so I’m not going to give you ten dollar words. Go here if you dare and keep the volume low if you’re at work