These are the 5 best times to use Booster Bites (instant T boost)

Young hot couple in love hugging and kissing. Beautiful women and handsome muscular men close to each other in erotic pose.

Here are the moments when you just pop one in your mouth for an instant T-boost…


Fellow Health Renegades, Matt Cook here and if you’re not already using my Booster Bites to outperform other men, quite frankly…

…you’re missing out! But don’t worry because it’s not too late…

Booster Bite Moment #1:

You’re in the gym, trying to beat the dead lift record and get your name on the scoreboard.

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You just pop a Booster Bite in your mouth and prepare for greatness.

Just wait until you see how much poundage you can lift now.

And these are fully natural — so you’re not doping or breaking any rules.

Booster Bites Moment #2: you’re with a woman and things are getting hot…

This is a perfect moment for a Booster Bite because it will give you stronger, longer-lasting boners and the confidence of an adult movie star.

You can jump into bed with her and perform at your best, no matter what.

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Because you’ll have your pocket-size Booster Bites to help you out when the moment is right.

Here are the 3 other best Booster Bites moments — #4 is incredible!


–Matt Cook

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