The worst day of my life

Smiling young doctor writing out a prescription for a bottle of medication as she sits in her office at the hospital

Something I rarely talk about


Hey, Matt Cook here, and you may or may not know that my dad was a doctor.

He was a practicing MD from 1951 through 2014, and I don’t talk about him that often because it’s painful…

See, what happened to my doctor dad was the worst, terrible, most shocking thing to ever happen to me or my family.

In fact, it was the worst day of my life…

One day, I’m sitting at home and I get a call from my mother who is frantic…

She says that a SWAT team has just pulled up and dragged my dad out of the house in handcuffs.

At first, I can’t believe what she’s saying… MY dad? In handcuffs? It can’t be.

But it was real all right… I had to pay for his attorney defense costs because they had seized all of his bank accounts and wouldn’t let him have any of his own money.

And they are allowed to do this — arrest you and “freeze” your accounts until AFTER the trial… before you’re even found guilty of any wrongdoing.

It put a huge strain on my family, and my father especially.

He was basically forced to retire as a doctor.

And you know what this whole thing was all about?

My doctor dad refused to play by Big Pharma’s rules… and they ruined his life for it.

Back in the day, when Dad first started practicing medicine, a doctor could do what he felt was in good conscience.

He could read medical studies and suggest treatments he thought was best for each individual patient, and so forth.

But over the last few decades of Dad’s career, something terrible starts happening…

Big Pharma starts taking over the medical boards.

Big Pharma actually pressures and bribes doctors to prescribe certain treatments.

Because these treatments make them lots of money.

Though sometimes my dad thought these treatments were wrong…

For example, he was very much against all the statin treatments for cholesterol.

They’re dangerous and have a lot of unwanted side effects, especially for men.

But the thing is, Big Pharma doesn’t care what doctors think. And they don’t give doctors a choice.

So my dad got into terrible trouble with the medical board one day because of his practices…

…that THEY said were not within what is called the “standard of care.”

But you should know that my dad was a terrific doctor. His patients loved him.

And they loved him because he did what was in his best judgment.

But this wasn’t good enough for Big Pharma who wanted him to prescribe their statin treatments to every man with high cholesterol.

So they treated him like a common criminal.

And it put my father in an early grave.

My dad’s health starts declining fast once he’s forced to quit working.

His doctor puts him on one Big Pharma treatment after another.

And then my poor dad ends up in a nursing home with diabetes and dementia, wasting away.

It killed me to see him like that. Because before that, he was spry and healthy and never missed a day of work in his life!

So many of these Big Pharma treatments doctors are forced to prescribe are terrible for men and only make you sicker.

For instance, the statin treatments that my dad was so against?

No wonder he hated them! I’ve discovered terrible, awful things about these treatments.

These statins are given to men for high cholesterol… but the doctors never mention how bad the side effects are…

One of the biggest side effects of statins is rockiness problems, believe it or not.

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So if you’re taking a statin and have been struggling to get good rockiness or perform with your wife or girlfriend…

…the statin is most likely to blame.

And the bad news is, long-term statin therapy can make rockiness problems semi-permanent…

So even if you get off the statins, rockiness doesn’t always improve on its own again.

And another thing about long-term statin therapy…

Scientists have found a “strong association” between long-term statin therapy and cancer…

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Meaning the longer you take statins to lower your cholesterol, the higher chance you have of getting cancer.

And this is from a treatment that’s supposed to be SAFE!

And get this… statins have only been found to help 3% of the people who take them…

…only 3% out of the millions and millions of men who are put on statins…

Meanwhile, these treatments bring in more than $150 billion in profits every single year…

So who is really benefiting from statins?

Big Pharma, that’s who! Definitely not men like you and me.

And that’s why I’ve been working on a natural treatment for high cholesterol.

In honor of my dad, I want to find a way for men to avoid dangerous statins and lower harmful cholesterol the right way….

…without having to give up their performance as a man, or succumb to cancer, or something equally as awful.

And here’s the most important thing about cholesterol that I’ve discovered…

Believe it or not, cholesterol can be a very GOOD thing.

I say that because cholesterol is a natural building block of testosterone.

Testosterone can’t be made without it.

Down in the Leydig cells in a man’s testicles, cholesterol is turned into testosterone naturally by the body.

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It’s this natural little factory process that goes on — cholesterol goes in and comes out as nicely packaged testosterone.

So cholesterol is necessary if a man wants good, high testosterone.

But if cholesterol gets too high, that’s a sign that something is going wrong with this natural factory process in the body…

For some reason, cholesterol isn’t being converted into testosterone properly down in the Leydig cells.

And I’ve discovered that this happens as men age.

As we get older, our metabolisms s-l-o-w down…

Toxins in our food, toxins in medications and in the environment — they all build up in our bodies and decrease our metabolic rate.

And when we have a low metabolic rate, the body has less energy to work with.

So normal processes like the conversion of cholesterol into testosterone slows down too.

And this is why cholesterol piles up in the body instead of being converted into extra testosterone.

So then doctors do a blood test and check your cholesterol and say, “Hey it’s too high.”

But doctors don’t talk at all about your metabolic rate when they review your cholesterol levels…

Instead, they just offer you a statin.

And not only do statins come with seriously harmful side effects that I’ve already mentioned…

…statins also interfere with your body’s natural factory process converting cholesterol into testosterone.

Rather than fixing the underlying metabolic problem, a statin poisons the body’s cholesterol-to-hormone conversion mechanism.

It’s like breaking a leg and the doctor saying, “Take this poison, it will knock you out so you won’t need to walk.”

It’s crazy, but that’s what statins do.

They poison the body’s creation of downstream sex hormones — including and especially testosterone.

What you need to do instead of poisoning the body’s cholesterol mechanism is to get the metabolism up…

…so it converts cholesterol into downstream hormones such as testosterone…

And that’s what I’ve been working on — a way to naturally turn high cholesterol into high testosterone.

I want to share it with as many guys as possible, in honor of my doctor dad’s legacy.

And I’d love to give it away for free.

So if there’s enough interest for this — if enough guys want to avoid dangerous statins and naturally get more testosterone while lowering cholesterol the right way…

…my publisher will allow me to give this away for free, and men start getting even better rockiness than before while naturally lowering cholesterol.

In fact, here’s a quick little video I made sharing all the sexual benefits men get from lowering cholesterol this way — watch it here.


–Matt Cook