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P.S. If you need a quick catch up…

On Monday I shared my story about helping men with premature ejaculation (PE) and how difficult it was for me…

And I also shared a big discovery with you — how I found the root cause of PE.

The problem is this biological reflex that tightens up a man’s pelvic floor muscles and makes him come quickly during intercourse.

It was useful in the caveman days when the human species was trying to survive and populate quickly…

But nowadays, it’s just an embarrassing, unfortunate problem that a lot of guys have to deal with.

This biological reflex is not a guy’s fault.

But it is actually simple to fix — and the guy can last as long as he wants.

As soon as I started sharing this method with a few guys in my inner circle I started getting great reports — “I am lasting longer and longer now, thank you Matt!”

And today, any man can use this discovery to easily last 30 minutes or more whenever he wants.

My protocol for fixing PE is called the ProLONG Protocol.

It works by allowing you to hit the override button on this reflex and gain more control.

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You gain total control over when you come, so you can last longer in bed.

And eventually, after you stick to the ProLONGProtocol for a couple weeks, you are able to last as long as you want!

Even an hour or two hours. It becomes effortless for you. You don’t have to do anything strenuous.

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You can stroke and stroke and stroke… and still you don’t come!

You can keep stroking for as long as you want. Until she is begging you for a break because it just feels so good.

Plus, it doesn’t matter if you have a partner or not — both single guys and guys in relationships can benefit from the ProLONG Protocol.

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