the strange things that turn on women

Understanding this can help you get more action with your girl

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and I’ve been privileged to have over 700,000 male subscribers and…

…over the years, one thing I’ve picked up on with my students and with my research:

If you are a man who wants a woman, her arousal is super easy once you know this ONE thing about women.

It starts with this fact: 8/10 women you know are reading erotica.

Amazon in particular is a hotspot for these stories. It’s one of their biggest book markets, come to find out.

In fact, 50 Shades of Grey outsold all seven Harry Potter books on Amazon, if you can believe it!

And romance novels (aka erotica) generate over $1.44 billion in revenue, making it the highest-earning genre of fiction of all time.

And I’m wondering…

What is it about these romance novels that appeal to women so much and make them gobble them up one after the other?

I start poking around the scientific literature and find this study:

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And buried in the study is a shocking revelation that blows this whole thing wide open for me…

…a revelation that I’ve taught to thousands of men, that lets you as a man get virtually any woman you want.

And it’s allowed me to come up with a foolproof method for getting a woman fantasizing about YOU and wanting to act out the things she’s reading with YOU…

And it’s so easy!

I’m explaining everything here


–Matt Cook

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