My last Memorial Day

When you look back, are you the hero you want to be?

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and both my father and my grandfather served in the Navy.

And I often think of them on days like today.

Memorial Day was a very special day for our family. The entire extended family would celebrate.

It meant a lot to us. Dad is now buried in Arlington Cemetery and I think about what he did and his life on this day.

And it’s thanks to men like my father and grandfather that I’m free to be a health researcher and do this work everyday.

And I’m grateful to anyone that is willing to serve this country in order to protect these basic freedoms.

Otherwise, I would not be where I am now, bringing these health and intimacy discoveries to men like you!

And I want to celebrate that today — I want to give you this for free, for you to use and benefit from…

It’s a bonus I’ve put together for you called Rewind to Your Prime, aimed at getting you ready for the hot summer season…

And inside, you’ll find:

  • How to feel and live like a 20-year-old man in a 50 or 70 year-old body — believe it or not, our fathers and grandfathers did not suffer from low testosterone as they aged. It’s not natural and it doesn’t have to happen! Today’s low T is a result of modern foods, lifestyle, and environment, and I’m showing you some tried and true techniques for keeping T high no matter what…
  • My favorite testosterone boosting supplements that work and are actually safe for men to take — you can take vitamin and mineral supplements that help increase testosterone. The problem is, the mass marketers that offer questionable supplements at insanely expensive prices also know you need testosterone. And you want to be really selective about taking the right ones. The right ones don’t have to be expensive, as I’m showing you…
  • Foods for better physical intimacy — I’ve found a few different foods that are really effective at naturally increasing a man’s T levels, and some that are also good for lowering estrogen. And I know you’ll find at least one or two of these foods very delicious…
  • Bedroom secrets for increasing testosterone — this is an all time favorite of mine, I absolutely love these super sensual ways to naturally boost T… just by enjoying a woman’s touch!
  • The magic of not working out — back-breaking workouts in the gym are actually bad for men’s T levels and can increase stress hormones like estrogen and cortisol… so I’m showing you what’s actually good exercise for men, especially in the summer…
  • …and even more waiting inside!

Rewind to Your Prime is valued at $179, but I want you to have it for free today.

The only problem? My publisher is going bananas, saying we can’t afford to let amazing new things like this go for free.

But as I’m always reminding him — I don’t do this work to get rich…

…I’m doing it to help people!

So we struck a bargain, me and my publisher… and he agreed that I can give this away to the first 100 guys who take advantage.

And I really want you to have this.

So all you have to do is go here, try out Sex God for just one single dollar, and Rewind to Your Prime is yours free.

Just use the special code: MEMORIAL and we’ll take care of the rest.


–Matt Cook