The clock is ticking — get the Manly Element for free

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Spots are filling fast


Hey, Matt Cook here, and as I warned you earlier this week, your chance to get the Manly Element for free is almost gone!

The Manly Element is an all-natural pain remedy that also delivers really other great health and sex benefits for men.

So not only does it relieve pain better than dangerous and addictive opioids, the Manly Element also makes you… well…

…more manly!

It helps raise your natural T levels, lower estrogen, boost metabolism, make your loads bigger, amp up your sex drive, and more.

And you only need a tiny pinch. And it starts working right away.

For me, my headaches went away in 2 weeks. And my back stopped hurting too.

And I’m going to share exactly how much I take, when I take it, and how…

So you can try the Manly Element for yourself and experience the benefits.

In fact, I’m going to share all this with you for free! If you claim your spot now before it’s too late.

Remember — my publisher capped this free offer at the first 100 men. That’s why you must hurry.

Discover the Manly Element for free right now.

Here are all the benefits you can expect to enjoy using the Manly Element:

  • No more joint pain or arthritis pain
    • Just a tiny pinch of the Manly Element can relieve joint pain, back pain, headaches, arthritis pains — any kind of pain! And it’s completely natural and fast-acting. Many men report less pain in as little as 3 days!
    • Studies show that in places where the soil is rich in this Manly Element, only 10% of the population has arthritis… whereas when the Manly Element is missing from the soil, arthritis cases go up by 70%!
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  • Higher testosterone levels
    • Studies show that the Manly Element can increase testosterone by 25% or more in men — which helps men build muscle mass, reduce belly fat, strengthen “rockiness”, increase stamina, and more…
    • Other important male hormones like DHT and DHEA go up as well! And it’s completely natural and safe.
  • Lower estrogen levels
    • As the Manly Element helps raise testosterone in men, it also helps lower estrogen. This makes it unique because most testosterone treatments out there do raise T, but also raise estrogen too…
    • Estrogen is not good for men in high amounts, and the Manly Element works to keep estrogen levels in the right range. So you can say goodbye to stubborn belly fat, man boobs, and even pesky “rockiness” problems!
  • Higher sex drive
    • Men who use the Manly Element say their libido is restored within weeks, so they feel more like the horny young teenager they used to be!
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  • Bigger loads
    • Studies show that supplementing with the Manly Element increases sperm volume in men… so get ready to blow much bigger loads, the kind that will impress her and make her think you’ve been saving it all up for her!
  • Better thyroid function
    • Believe it or not, the thyroid controls 80% of our body’s functions. So it is critically important for our health and performance as a man…
    • The Manly Element boosts thyroid function by naturally increasing T3, which will give you a stunning boost in energy. You’re going to be waking up feeling like you did 20 years ago!
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  • Faster metabolism
    • When the thyroid is functioning at optimal levels, your metabolism will speed up and become more efficient…
    • So don’t be surprised if the pounds start falling off you without any diet or exercise. That’s just the Manly Element doing its job!
  • Less reliance on dangerous opioids and prescription drugs
    • Men who use the Manly Element don’t need to take pain pills anymore — because their pain is gone! While opioids come with loads of bad side effects and the risk of addiction, the Manly Element has ZERO side effects and is safe to take long-term…
    • Other prescription treatments for testosterone, sex drive, and “rockiness” may not be needed once you start using the Manly Element. And the less Big Pharma treatments you have to take, the better!
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  • More confidence
    • Men using the Manly Element and experiencing all these amazing benefits become happier, sexier, more confident men…
    • Other guys will notice the difference and demand to know your secret… but it’s up to you if you tell them!

Get the Manly Element for free right now before the chance is gone.


–Matt Cook