How can something raise free T and lower pain this well?

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This has been a game changer in the Cook household…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and it’s really hard to believe but true…

What I’ve been discussing with you the past few days…

  • Increases loads for men — makes big semen loads in men who only had the barest drip, and
  • Kills pain from joints so you are feeling incredible, better than any pain relievers ever could, and
  • Raises free T by an average of 30% in men

I have a lot of intercourse and I only ejaculate infrequently — but when I do, the loads are pretty big.

Not because I’m a stud, because I’m far from it.

But because of what I call the Manly Element.

Because there’s nothing sexy about finishing in front of a woman and barely a dribble coming out…

Bigger ejaculate loads give me confidence, while giving my wife a certain satisfaction…

So how do I guarantee I’m always shooting big loads when I do shoot (which as I said, is infrequent…)

My secret is this natural remedy I’ve discovered called the Manly Element.

It makes men’s swimmers stronger while increasing the size of your ejaculate load.

And believe it or not, that’s just ONE of the many benefits of this Manly Element I’ve discovered…

Here’s everything else this Manly Element does for men — discover it for free now.


–Matt Cook