Single men: here’s how to get out of the friendzone with her

Woman flirting with man

This method makes the girl you want the most want you back

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Hey, I’m RJ, and for almost a year, I’ve been trapped in the friendzone with a girl I really like…

See, she never looks at me in a sexual way… it’s like I’m just one of her girl friends and it really sucks.

And maybe you can relate… Maybe there’s a girl you really like who just sees you as a friend.

Look, I know how it feels. And like you, I’ve been trying everything I can think of to get her to want me…

And I was about to give up on this girl forever… until Matt tells me about this weird sexual lens

Matt says any man can use it to get the woman you want the most to want you back.

So I tried it… and here’s what happened

Your friend,