Proof any man can have sex daily to age 120

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…and men are doing this naturally, without pills or procedures…


Hey, Matt Cook here…and I remember the day when I ran into a 113 year old man…and my shock when he told me about having sex several times a day.

Wow… and he wasn’t the only one…

So I began researching these men who have sex into 110 or 120, traveling the globe, interviewing scientists…

Some of my inspirations were men like Paul whose grandfather lived to be just 3 weeks shy of 109 years old:

“He had four wives and out-lived all of them…” Paul tells me.

“And then he moved to the Lutheran home because that’s where the young girls are!

He moved there when he was 99 and really enjoyed the next decade!”

And men like Les who write to me and say:

“At the age of 74, my Dad fathered two children…One does not father children at any age with rockiness problems!”

These men are getting great rockiness and having amazing sex into their 80s, 90s, 100s, and beyond — and who doesn’t want to be like them?

So I’ve taken everything I’ve discovered about these men and put it into a brand new book called Romance to 120 ($29.95 value) that I’m giving away free today!

Inside Romance to 120, you’ll discover things like:

  • The 6 different ways I perform a “blood flow workout” to amp up my romantic life and ensure my body is in peak condition for physical intimacy. I do just 1 of these every morning, and it only takes 3 to 5 minutes to promote good blood flow, protect my drive, maintain my lasting power, and more so that my body is always primed for intimacy, no matter if I’m in my 90s or 100s or beyond…
  • Simple 7-second switch that my wife says makes me more attractive, increasing the feeling of closeness and intimacy between us, and leading to many years of enjoying each other 4 or more times a week
  • 5 delicious, natural foods that helped my wife overcome her change of life and helped maintain and even increase her desire, without treatments or procedures. These foods work by giving the female body key nutrients needed to power her body through this change of life, including one important chemical that often decreases stress and makes this transitional period in a woman’s life easier and less disruptive to her romantic relationships…
  • Unique positions that are easier on sore, painful joints, bad backs, or larger bellies that deliver even more enjoyment for both my wife and I…and allow me to last even longer, enhancing our romantic experience and deepening our intimate connection…
  • Discover how I’ve been using this frenulum exercise to naturally increase sensitivity and feeling down there, so that every touch and every stroke results in intense enjoyment that I’m feeling not just in my male anatomy, but within my whole body… This is my way of feeling good all day long, having as many intimate interactions as I want. Thanks to this, there’s no limit anymore…
  • I’ve discovered the male “hot spot” that when touched, sends me into powerfully enjoyable, full-body sensations. Most guys I talk to have no idea this one hot spot even exists — but when they experience this kind of feeling once, they want it again and again…it just feels so good! You can use your hands, a toy, or you can get your wife or girlfriend to assist you…
  • There’s one special entry technique I’ve discovered that is helping me have satisfying physical intimacy with my wife whether I am at the ready or not. This entry technique still feels really good for me (and her), and doing it often helps restore my function again over time. So the more I do it, the better things get!
  • …and so much more…

Claim your copy of Romance to 120 and get over $600 worth of bonus gifts — today only


–Matt Cook



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