Lowering blood pressure this way makes you bigger down there

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Even if your pressure is good, this can help with size…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and you may or may not know that your male unit is made up of 3 chambers or columns of tissue.

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The size of your unit is dictated by how much blood the two big chambers can hold.

To “embiggen” your unit, there is one thing that we must achieve to get these chambers to take more blood.

And here’s where it gets weird…

Men think that high blood pressure puts more blood into their penile chambers.

But the OPPOSITE is true.

The HIGHER your blood pressure, the LESS blood reaches your member.

That’s because HIGH blood pressure CONSTRICTS the arteries, so the arteries feeding blood to your penis are SMALLER.

And smaller arteries carry LESS blood.

Men with high blood pressure find over time that their unit even SHRINKS as it is chronically deprived of blood.

Yuck. Nobody wants that.

So what’s the answer?

How can men achieve HIGH QUALITY rockiness, and LOWER their blood pressure, maybe even getting a bigger unit?

My sfix works by first controlling your blood pressure through a simple activity that relaxes and expands the blood vessels…

…and if you had blood pressure problems in the past, this activity will fix the blood pressure in your body and your penile chambers.

Then comes blood flow, more blood rushing into your penile chambers, making them expand and grow.

Growth happens and your unit can take more blood and the result is a bigger, thicker, and more powerful unit.

Here’s the two step size system that makes your penile chambers expand more and makes your member bigger, while also fixing blood pressure


–Matt Cook