Pop a Booster Bite for an instant T surge

Middle aged muscular man took off black t shirt

I’ll never take testosterone unless it’s a Booster Bite…


Hey, Matt Cook here, and many men don’t do well with testosterone delivered in injections or gels.

Once a man gets testosterone injected or from any other “outside” source, his body understands that there’s no need to make any more natural testosterone.

So the body gets filled with toxic, fake testosterone.

Now something else happens to that testosterone. Part of it gets absorbed…

…but the other part gets turned into estrogen – the feminine hormone that grows breasts and damages a man’s libido further.

So now, knowing all this… the only thing left is to figure out how to naturally raise testosterone.

And all you have to do is pop one of these bite-size snacks in your mouth.


–Matt Cook

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