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This is personal…

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and after years of searching for a prostate solution, I think I finally found what works for me…

And at first I doubted that something could work without any tablets or injections…

Is it really possible to completely eliminate my prostate problems and get back to my active lifestyle — all while using natural solutions only?

Here’s what happened when I tried this new prostate protocol for myself…

Day 1

It’s bad…

Waking up 3 or 4 times a night to pee. Often burns, starting to get worried.

Jodi is asking if my new protocol will help me sleep through the night.

I hope so.

I know she’s waking up every time I wake up to pee. It’s making her crazy.

Darn prostate.

The protocol is strange — can’t really say that I like it after my first try.

But that Columbia University study convinced me to at least give it a shot…

Day 7

I’ve been keeping a scientific record of every time I pee.

I urinated 31 times over 8 hours.

That’s 4 times an hour.

Once every 15 minutes.

I can’t keep going on like this.

Stream is typically normal, but sometimes it just dribbles out.

Finding it more and more difficult to sit still for too long.

Can’t even drive myself now without Jodi’s help.

Can’t face the thought of surgery again. I know that’s not right for me.

The protocol doesn’t seem to be helping my bathroom problems yet…

However, it feels kind of good…and it’s sort of fun to do…

Maybe I will end up liking this, only time will tell.

Day 15

Totally weird.

Woke up to a strange realization.

I didn’t get up last night even once to pee…wow…

Jodi is skeptical that it’s because of the protocol.

She thinks it’s because I stopped drinking water at 4 PM yesterday.

I guess we’ll see…

Also one thing I should mention.

I have been taking a handful of prostate supplements — containing saw palmetto, lycopene, and beta sitosterol.

But today I realized that for the past week I somehow forgot to take any of them…

Good sign?

Cautiously optimistic.

Day 23


I must be doing something wrong with the protocol.

I’ve started waking up at night again.

The sensation of being unable to empty my bladder is back.

It’s torture.

Moved to the couch so I don’t disturb Jodi.

I just want everything to be normal again.

Day 31


I figured out my mistake — so dumb LOL.

I completely forgot to keep following part of the protocol.

Already the protocol is working much better.

Jodi asked me to send my protocol to her friend Jan, so Jan can share it with her husband.

Maybe the protocol can help his prostate too.

So now I’m typing up my protocol to send to other guys in the same situation I was in.

I’d never thought about giving it to other guys, but if it can help them too why not?

Day 59

At last I feel like a normal man again.

Pee problems have been gone for a month now.

No more waking up at night.

And I can empty my bladder each time with a stream like a racehorse.

One thing I’ve been too embarrassed to even write here is that my prostate problems have made me distant from Jodi.

But now that I’m not in so much discomfort…

…and now that I’m well-rested from a full night’s sleep again…

It’s practically been like a second honeymoon for Jodi and I!

Every guy should know how easy and fun helping their prostate can be.

And it’s all thanks to this miraculous protocol…


–Matt Cook