Naturally turn cholesterol into testosterone – no statins

Statins are one of the worst Big Pharma treatments men can possibly take and here’s why…

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Statins are one of the most widely used Big Pharma treatments in the world.

They bring in billions of dollars every year.

And yet, statins cause terrible rockiness problems in men…

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Statins stop the body from naturally converting cholesterol into testosterone in the Leydig cells of a man’s testicles.

So I figured out how to use C2T instead, a natural protocol for men.

How does C2T work?

C2T takes cholesterol and converts it into testosterone using a natural process that already takes place in the body…

This protocol just speeds it up — so you’re not really doing a thing, it’s all your body.

And now you have HIGHER testosterone and LOWER cholesterol.

And it’s natural.

So you can get off the dangerous statins with your doctor’s blessing…

…and enjoy extremely stiff rocky ones that last 30 minutes or more.

Win/win for men

Free today: C2T converts testosterone into cholesterol — get it here


–Matt Cook