My workouts sucked – until I got my Low T Syndrome fixed — here’s what I did

“My workouts sucked. My sex drive was in the toilet. And I couldn’t get hard worth a damn.”

There I am at the power rack. I’m trying for that last squat. Poundages that I could have handled pretty easily in the old days.

And I just couldn’t get that bar up. I just couldn’t.

What was more embarrassing besides the loud clang as the bar fell to the safety pins, was that my training partner was lifting more than ever.

We’re both the same age, right? And he’s easily packing the bar more and more each work out.

But I can’t manage poundages that would have put me to shame a few years ago.

big saleAm I just getting older?

But here’s the thing — quite honestly, I’m not feeling the way I used to.

I pee all the time at night.

I don’t feel as motivated — in fact I’m drained during the day, just tired.

And I can’t shake off this pot belly. It’s embarrassing.

But most of all — my hardons aren’t so hard anymore.

So I ask my training buddy, Vic…

What are you doing right that I’m doing wrong?

I hate to ask Vic for advice. See, Vic’s kind of the tough guy type. He’s crude. He’s rude.

But he does seem to have the answer.

So I have to ask.

And Vic tells me what he does. It’s right here in this video. But warning: it’s crude, like Vic, and it’s very EXPLICIT.