My new sex game — how to play and why you want to

An image of a sweet young couple cuddling on a bed with white sheets and pillows

It’s a free game you can play anywhere, anytime…and if you play it with a woman, even better!

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Hey, Matt Cook here, and men are LOVING my new Intenso game.

Not only is it fun and really pleasurable, it actually helps a man build up his stamina and lasting power…

So that when he takes his wife or girlfriend to bed, he has no problem lasting 30 minutes or more.

And when he finally comes, it’s sensational…so much more powerful than your typical O…

Here’s what one guy wrote to me after playing this game for the first time:

“It starts to feel sooo good, almost as if you’re having an ongoing O without climaxing.

When I finally do finish, it is unbelievable! My O is so intense, it almost hurts.

I know that sounds kind of weird, but that’s the best way I could describe it…”

And that’s just ONE testimony. I’m getting more and more every day from guys who are willing to give my Intenso game a try.

Want to play?

Just go here and download it for free — you’re going to love it (and so will she)


–Matt Cook