More girth, bigger head, and better blood flow

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These recently-discovered vitamins promote better blood flow “down there” and give men powerful towel-hangers again…


Dr. Ari Magill MD is a board-certified physician who believes in helping men help themselves by living naturally healthy, happy, and sexy lives. He is a paid sponsor of our newsletter.

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Hey, it’s Dr. Magill, and I used to know this feeling all too well…

…when it starts getting “rocky” down there, but stops halfway…

And sometimes it gets rigid all the way to the tip.

That’s something I call “rockiness quality.”

And for a long time, mine was around 7 out of 10. I had somewhat of a smaller looking head and it bugged me…

The rest of my penile member would be “rocky,” just not the head.

And I realized that this is all because of blood flow. My head “down there” was kind of small because there wasn’t enough blood reaching it.

You see, there are small blood vessels going all through the penile member, and those vessels get hair thin closer to the head and then end at the tip.

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That’s why I needed more blood flow to the head of my penile member, so I could have a nice rigid member.

But the problem was that these thin blood vessels were blocked with plaque. So blood wasn’t flowing properly.

These recently-discovered vitamins clear the blood vessels that feed blood to your member, making sure that blood reaches even the tiniest vessels…

…even those at the tip of the penile member.

These vitamins clean out the blood vessels, so the blood can rush into your penile chambers again…

And this makes your member inflate, harden, and pulse with anticipation while it’s improving your male hormones…

And I swear, women can sense it from a mile away.

Here’s how you can use these recently-discovered vitamins today to promote better blood flow “down there” and get amazing towel-hangers again.

Yours for better health and sex,

–Dr. Ari Magill, MD

Board Certified Physician